Interview with Bony (Snapjaw)

MER: Hello Bony from the Romanian Thrash Metal act , Snapjaw, thank you for taking this interview with Metal Express Radio. What’s up with you?

Bony: Hey Steinmetal and thanks for the review and taking interest in our band. I hope this interview will shed some light on what Snapjaw is all about.

MER: Not a while ago you guys released your first EP, Murder Is Only Flesh Deep, on your own. I must say that this release had strengthened a theme that was only a small part of Thrash Metal bands and that is Horror. You guys really took it straightforward, why this theme?

Bony: Since I was a kid, I was obsessed with horror stuff, especially movies, later developing a sweet tooth for the 80’s (cheese) slasher movies era as well as comics and what not, Lovecraftian horror stories. While most Thrash bands try to cover most of the lyrical subjects on their way to a more technical sound they tend to wear the themes down and run out of ideas, while the horror subject is (in my vision) larger.

MER: As I mentioned before, the name of the EP is Murder Is Only Flesh Deep, what does this title mean? What is behind this mysterious title?

Bony: Well it’s a pretty funny thing, we had everything recorded but didn’t think of a title, so we just sat in a bar one night and came up with a few ideas when I thought about the saying: ”Beauty is only skin deep”. So I changed two words and it sounded perfect.

MER: As a Horror movies fan, do you also drain your Horror influences from Romanian legends like Count Dracula or other bizarre cases in Romanian History?

Bony: As I mentioned before, I like the splatter punk genre. I wish I could write lyrics about the dark side of the Romanian folklore but nothing appeals to my liking and “Count Dracula” never fascinated me. It’s like exploiting an idea which everyone knows about it without coming up with anything original.

MER: Snapjaw can be recognized as one of a portion of Thrash Metal bands that deals explicitly with Horror, aside from the Brutal / Death Metal bands. As a result, when reading your lyrics, it’s an experience, kind of like almost reading Brutal Death Metal words. Except for the Horror theme , do you have any message in these songs?

Bony: Nah, there aren’t any messages, they’re more like stories, either told by the main character or just describing the events. There is though a slight difference between Brutal Death Metal (BDM) lyrics and my lyrics. BDM lyrics tend to list random acts of violence and gore, while mine tell stories of horror. In the end, there is no BIG difference between them.

MER: The song “Rot In Pieces” , from what can be understood from it , discusses a bad way for a relationship to end. Kind of a wishful thinking sort of way. Are the lyrics connected to an event that came over one of you guys, aside from the killing part?

Bony: Hah, no it didn’t happen to any of us (yet). No, it’s a murder ballad, most people don’t get the song, they see it as something they can wish on an ex or something, the song is actually about the romantic side of killing someone and about keeping them all to yourself, then turning into necrophilia. The idea came from songs such as Alice Cooper’s “Gail/Roses on White Lace”, Motley Crue’s “You’re All I Need” and Falco’s “Jeanny”.

MER: As Horror preachers, do you do anything special while you are on stage? You know like King Diamond’s and Alice Cooper’s act.

Bony: Sometimes, mostly at big events (like a release show) or opening for a big band. I usually cut myself during “Maniac” and I tried setting myself on fire, which didn’t go too well. Besides those mentioned above, I have bone crosses and a lamb’s skull. We don’t have any theatrical stuff as I want the public to pay attention equally to the music and not just the show. The whole image of the band on stage will evolve gradually at every show, as with everything it depends on time and resources.

MER: Please tell the Metal world about yourself. Who is Bony? What are your Metal influences? Do you have/had any other projects?

Bony: Well Bony, taken as character ,is a two-faced maniac that responds to most of the primal urges, that is to kill and devour. However, the real life Bony is not like that at all, hah.
Well I have tons of influences, from Classic Metal like Black Sabbath and Judas Priest to NWOBHM like Angel Witch, Venom, Motorhead and Diamond Head to Death Metal like Possessed and Hell hammer/Celtic Frost to Thrash Metal like Sodom, Tankard, Megadeth, Nuclear Assault and Pantera to female fronted bands like Détente and Plasmatics, and last but not least Mercyful Fate and King Diamond.
I didn’t have other projects though I’m planning on some when I’ll find the right people.

MER: What are Snapjaw’s intentions regarding the future? Are you currently working on an album? Have you contacted any labels?

Bony: Well right now, we’re composing songs for an upcoming album which we’re hoping to release this year, along with some other stuff. No, no labels have contacted us yet and I don’t think that’ll happen too soon.

MER: I saw, not a long time ago , that you , and 2 other bands , were warm up bands for the German , Kreator. How did it feel to be in the same stage with Thrash gods like them?

Bony: Hah, well that didn’t go too well, looks like nowadays any big band coming to play over here doesn’t want any local acts opening for them, so they usually come with a package of other bands. It felt stupid cause we didn’t get to play due to Kreator’s (tour?)Management so at least we had a great time in the pit.

MER: Nowadays, do you think Thrash Metal is going back to its old school roots or it is more modernized? Do you consider yourselves an old school Thrash Metal act?

Bony: I don’t think it can go back to the roots, that’s just a vibe you get off the new bands that haven’t reached a certain point in the playing technique and some other bands have a more modernized sound because of the newer influences. Instead of being influenced by the bands their favorite band was influenced by, they just get influenced by the already fast and technical Thrash Metal bands out there. Yah, we’re more of an old school band but we’re evolving with each new song, making it more complex and everything so it’s just a matter of time and money.

MER: How is the Metal scene in Romania? Are there lots of gigs ? Are there Metal festivals or Open Air events?

Bony: Well, in my vision it’s getting better, new bands here and there, older bands getting bigger, the gigs themselves getting better, sound and crowd-wise and there’s like at least 1 per week. Not too many festivals though, don’t know why, but the biggest (first?) open air event is this summer, Rock City Open Air, with big bands like Immortal and Candlemass and of course Snapjaw, hah.

MER: Any words to the wise / advice to the Metalheads around the world?

Bony: See you in the mosh pit of Hell!

MER: Bony , I would like to thank you for taking this Interview. We will probably hear from you guys in the coming future, may you succeed as you go. Cheers mate!!!
Bony: thanks Steinmetal for the interview and hoping to read your review of our upcoming album as soon as we release it. Cheers!


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