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    SCALA MERCALLI - Border Wild - 8/10


Heart Of Steel Records
Release date: May 13, 2009

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Lineup changes and other production issues are always a pain in the ass. When a band tries to commit itself on moving forward, those kinds of problems always tear the beliefs and reduce the motivation of the participants. On a personal view, it’s a drag; however, no one can control it.
One of Italy’s long running local acts, Scala Mercalli, was not able to keep the ground, of their local scene, shaking because of those same issues. They are up since 1992, and after a couple of demos in the 90’s, were able to maneuver towards a debut, 12th Level, only in 2005 while signing to their first label, AB Records. Officially, this album presented a new banshee of a vocalist. Four years after their debut, with Heart Of Steel Records as their release base, the Scala released their second album, Border Wild.

Scala Mercalli, on both of their running albums, showed their appreciation for American Metal. Not the new American Metal of course. Their material is old school stuff all the way. The Italians are not just showing Heavy Metal, they really like to demonstrate their diversity between Heavy, Power and Thrash Metal all based on the American recipe. That is why Border Wild’s music, which is even better than before, is that good. Besides the material being assorted by many influences such as British Metal and mid-80’s American old school, the feeling sensed while listening to this album is a factual 80’s Metal familiarity. The rhythms consistently change from a classic beat to another classic beat. It’s like finding Maiden, Metal Church and tons of other old US bands on the same playground, and Scala Mercalli has a lot to cover with their music.

Two of the amazing factors of the band’s music are their solos and the overall production. With their experience of making music, they just knew exactly where to touch. Whether those were emotional solos of mid to slow tempo or the fast paced shredders of a Maiden-ish like nature. As for the production, it was done according to an 80’s like album, thin crunchy guitars with bass aura all over them; mayhemic drum set of excellent snare sound and crushing bass drum thrill. Lastly, there is the overflowing vocal line to lead the others to the Promised Land.

Scala Mercalli are the 80’s versatility, they chose to cling to the classic genres of Metal and stepping out of their European influences and travel overseas. Border Wild is a good release, however it is only the beginning for the Italians. Even after almost 18 years of making Metal, with all their problems on their way to this album, this album can’t be their best offering. On a positive note, if demanding something even better and if the guys will keep up the good work, they will eventually release their star record and make the ground tremor again.

Highlights: “I Will Stop The Time”, “The Sense Of Reality”, “Only Rage”, “Border Wild”, “Midnight Sun”, “Pain”.


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