INNTRANCE – The Basis Of Trancetherapy

INNTRANCE - The Basis Of Trancetherapy
  • 8.5/10
    INNTRANCE - The Basis Of Trancetherapy - 8.5/10


STF Records
Release date: May 11, 2009

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The best suitable way to take care of insanity is by the stretched arms of The Basis Of Trancetherapy. A Spanish band named Inntrance is currently administering this bewildered cure that will change your perception of treatment and the unveiling of Metal psychiatry, all through an album filled with Metal melded of sub-genres of the Modern age that is based on older sub-genres of Metal and Hardcore.

The basis of Inntrance’s influence is hard to follow because of their diversity and their uncompromising use of modernization of the older sub-genres such as Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal and Hardcore alongside new age products such as Alternative Metal. In the overall view, besides turning into an Americanized band from hell, Inntrance are an entity mixed with everything that is loud, unique and filled with toughness of no remorse. However, with the tougher attitude of the squashy riffs and barbaric vocals, the music preserves surges of melodies to the side of modern like solos that have several fine basis to older times and major melodic and rhythmic sets of clean vocals that might create a rather different impression. This mixed creation of the alleged impression seems to be the key to the marginal success of The Basis Of Trancetherapy.

What is interesting is that Inntrance, which began by Daniel Fernandez and a crew, which most of came from Heavy Metal and Power Metal acts such as the veteran Dark Moor and active Arwen, displayed right from the start, a rather modern view that is practically an opposition to their other projects. Nevertheless, if you think about it, it is understandable to break out with a new approach that however is different but still has some notifications (in small shrapnels only) of each and everyone’s past involvements. You can also say that Inntrance is a way to loosen up a bit from all the complexities of Power and Heavy Metal, and for that, a new line was drawn for the show. Inntrance are the Trancetherapy of the band’s members – a nice theory to follow.

Inntrance’s material, taken and re-recorded from their earlier EP of 2007 – Religion, has two great qualities within it. First, the band knew how to soften the blow. For some listeners, those who are not exactly fond of growly vocals, catchy melodic choruses such as on “Bullets”, “Secret Alibi” and the ultra catchy phrases of “Burning My Way”, and clean verses were written to let more people in to the brutal riffs of “Redemption”, “Let Me Die” ,”Human Sickness” and “Fear”.

Second, moving behind the album’s title, Inntrance, on a few occasions, made sure to keep the sensation as wacky and loony up to a certain point (viewed mostly on the grey zones of “Madman” and “Own Strength”). Generally, the all around therapeutic nature of Inntrance made them a strong debut release guided by the morals of the Modernized Metal scene of the US.


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