UPSKIRTS – Live In My Basement

UPSKIRTS - Live In My Basement
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    UPSKIRTS - Live In My Basement - 7/10


Release date: February 20, 2009

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There are two important phrases coming out from Upskirts: “Dirty Fucking Rock N’ Roll” and “Being original is boring”. Quite stylish remarks from these drunken Norwegian boys from Stavanger who will take no shit from no one and will keep their stuff simple, aggressive without any shred of complexity – straight to the point with no bullshit.

Since 2004, this five piece, frustrated and bored group of men has been skidding on the hangover trail. Their style is derived from Hard Rock / Stoner Metal acts like Motorhead, the early Venom dirtiness and even 70’s Punk of the Stooges and Sex Pistols.

Their achievements began in their first year with the EP Groupies, which was the last recording with their early lineup. Not long after their first release came along the two-song EP , Sidewalk Susie, which was more aggressive than its previous record. After that recording there was another lineup change and the band decided to remain a foursome group. A year passed and after extensive touring the band managed to record another EP named No Compromise.

Their current rolling Live In My Basement was recorded during 2008 and was released this year. This time the band did not go to any studio and decided on a live recording without any studio interference to channel the experience of a homey live show. This trial is a good idea, but after hearing their other recordings, they should have gone to record more professionally besides this recording.

Upskirts are all about the good lazy life of drinking and having a ball because of endless boredom. Someone rational will probably say: “Guys go get a friggin’ job” or “Find another hobby to play with”. But these guys live by their own law and that is to make darn aggressive music and to preserve Rock N’ Roll. As was mentioned earlier: “Original Is Boring and it means copying someone else”, the only way is to preserve the old with your own stuff and to make music that makes you feel good and free.

These words are truly inspirational but that is a fact that still remains important and that is how you preserve the old. You can mimic the sound of Motorhead, Sex Pistols, Venom and The Stooges. You can sing about alcohol like Tankard and you can joke all around – But guys , why do it live? Moreover, why do we have to read the lyrics from the package to try to understand what the hell Haffy is singing with his gurgling voice?

Haffy is a fair singer, aside from the fact that he couldn’t play any instrument so the band made him the lead singer, but he has a hard time not swallowing words. Luckily, there are the lyrics of the songs and the choruses that are understandable. Therefore, if you liked this piece of music you will be able to sing along in the peak moments. “Coming To Get You” is the only song you could really understand what the man is babbling about and the outcome is a pretty cool tune.

The live recording is a good idea also to get the open feel and in this recording there are strong hints of the late 70s and early 80s, when Motorhead released Out On Parole and Venom made their Welcome To Hell. However , recording live is the first step before recording in the studio in order to let the people know your band’s genre and a first glance at upcoming material. Of course single is another option, but these guys are addicted to EPs. Upskirts, this EP would be better in the studio than live.

Highlights from this release are “Coming To Get You” , which is a catchy tune in a Motorhead-ish way of sheer grooves, of a dirty guitar sound and soaring vocals. “Bastard” is another cool song with its best line “…I’m a son of a bitch , I’m a bastard” – nice ring to it boys . “Dirty Fucking Rock N’ Roll” is a mixture of Punk and Hard Rock with a fine solo and a kicking main riff. “Die By The Beer”, could be a call for your health service or just drink more and puke till you die. This number is all fun and a good time with the groovy music of Stoner might.

Upskirts will be around for many years and they will keep on being the protectors of Rock N’ Roll with the old themes of alcohol and partying. But if they record live , they should be ready to do the same stuff in the studio.


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