UPSKIRTS – Sidewalk Susie

UPSKIRTS - Sidewalk Susie


Release date: December 7, 2005

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As the band’s biography declares, “some bands are all about appearance and style.” Not so for Jack Feedback, Slow Eddie, Bongo Bastard, and Dirty Haffy. No, Upskirts keep it simple. There’s just one question you have to ask yourself: Could Dirty Haffy and the boys have not kept it simple? Well, could they, punk? It’s doubtful. Sidewalk Susie is Upskirts’ third release — their third EP, in fact. The style? Thrash Punk.

Substance abuse will never be a problem for Upskirts … that is, where musical substance is concerned. For all intents and purposes, they aren’t trying to be progressive, original, unique, avantgarde, or any other colorful adjective that would rain on Punk’s parade, which got underway in the ’80s and saw bands such as the Police lose their short-lived Punk status when it was discovered that they could actually play their instruments. Upskirts don’t stand to lose their Punk status, if Sidewalk Susie is any indication. Again, they aren’t trying to be anything else. So just back off.

“Punk status” may be an oxymoron, but Upskirts may in fact be a great opening band, seriously. Sidewalk Susie has all the thrashiness you’d expect from a third EP self-release. Dirty Haffy’s vocals are deep and throaty, a skill he must have developed by … referring once again to the band biography for answers … chugging beer. What else?! The five EP tracks have an energized, live feel, like the sound of that really good garage band down the street that you thought were cool for the first week after they moved in.

Like the girl on Sidewalk Susie‘s CD label, who’s not wearing any skirt, Upskirts do give it all they’ve got, and that comes through in the spirit of their music. With that and their no-compromise attitude, they redeem themselves in a campy sort of way, comic-book names and all.


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