MR. GREEN – Draggin’ Me Under

MR. GREEN - Draggin' Me Under


Perris Records
Release date: December 8, 2005

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San Francisco Hard Rockers Mr. Green are a band whose individual members have a lot of experience in the music scene, having recorded, toured, and played with the likes of The Black Crowes (whom they list as one of their influences) and Y&T, among a handful of others. Draggin’ Me Under is their eight-song debut.

Mr. Green’s music is straightforward and direct: the fivesome plays no-nonsense Melodic Hard Rock, with a bit of a Bluesy, down-home feel to it. Draggin’ Me Under isn’t one of those albums you have to “get” by listening to it a bunch of times: it’s accessible from the very first listen. Mr. Green are five hard-working, blue-collar rockers who wouldn’t look (or sound) out of place playing in the local bar or tavern down the street.

However, to dismiss Mr. Green a mere “bar band” would be doing them a disservice, as musically these guys have very good skills, both in terms of writing and playing. The songs on Draggin’ Me Under are catchy and fun to listen to, and the album is a good mix of straight-ahead Rock tunes interspersed with a couple of nicely-done ballads that would meet with approval from Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes. The playing of guitarists Dave Saker and Jon Stadelhofer keep things moving along at a good clip, and there are some good solos here and there to keep things interesting.

Jason Brauner delivers on vocals; he has a good voice, and is able to inflect Draggin’ Me Under‘s songs with character and soulful grit. His delivery sounds a bit unusual in places, but on the whole, his voice is an asset to the album, giving it personality and feeling.

Of Draggin’ Me Under‘s eight songs, there are no bad tracks and a handful of very solid ones, like the riff-heavy “Mr. Green” and the mid-paced “Angel In Disguise,” which, once again, sounds very much like The Black Crowes. “I Need You” is an atmospheric ballad with very heartfelt vocals and a catchy chorus. “Save Me” has a very groovy feel and a good riff, and album-ender “She Gives Me A Feeling” sends things out on a high note, with some very tasty guitar work and a heavy bottom-end.

Draggin’ Me Under is a solid collection of Hard Rock from Mr. Green, who have scored a direct hit with their first full-length release.


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