THE PROPHECY – Into The Light

THE PROPHECY - Into The Light
  • 9/10
    THE PROPHECY - Into The Light - 9/10


Code666 Records
Release date: February 20, 2009

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If you have spare time to listen to some good music, and you don’t want to go and mosh yourself up, sit back and take a listen to the great music by the English band, The Prophecy.

Since 1999, this foursome has been playing Traditional Doom infused with various influences of early Death Metal. Into The Light is the band’s fourth release and their first attempt under Code666 Records. Bands that can give you a slight idea of what to expect are the early stages of My Dying Bride, but less harsh, and the early era of Paradise Lost (From Lost Paradise to Icon). Of course lets not forget that above these two bands, standing in the shadows, is the mother of all Doom and that is Black Sabbath. Yet, The Prophecy, unlike the other two bands mentioned, shows a variety of sophisticated compositions that harbors amazing elements such as Cello and a full load of melodic, acoustic guitar verses.

What is so special about Into The Light is that,after hearing some samples of their early releases, it seems that The Prophecy were searching for something else when they wrote down the tunes. The album is a lot less violent and charging than the previous ones before it. The listener can still say that this band plays Doom / Death Metal but with some unique alterations that separate them from other bands in their sub-genre meld. The most recognizable change is the music itself; the use of the Cello and the constant acoustic tunes makes this album a remarkable experience for all who love atmospheric music, without even using a keyboard setup.

Another amazing factor is the singing. Mr. Lawson is an amazing growler, his ability to maintain a low and depthy growl while providing a sense of cleanliness, which will give you a chance to experience the lyrics in such a way that you will be able to understand what the tracks are all about. Alongside his growls comes a clean, cold and saddened voice that mainly expresses depression, loss and sorrow. Moreover, the growl vocals sound grey as well as the clean ones.

With the full spread of enchanting acoustics, ride along the heavy electric riffs. For Traditional Doomsters, the riffs will be a sure treat with a bonus that comes in the shape of well-crafted solos that elaborate the feelings of pain and sorrow and for solo guitar lovers it is a sure trance state. While the Doomsters party, Death Metal fans will enjoy the several speed sections with morbid riffs, while Lawson is growling his way through the songs, yet don’t expect to find too much tech in the riffs because it’s more of a Traditional Doom album than a Death Metal one. The bottom line is, if you are a true Metalhead, whether Death or Doom is your cup of tea, you can share the experience of this album and enjoy it.

The whole album is more than a worthy listener, but here are some songs that’ll capture your ears: “Into The Light” in many ways, in its beginning, sounds like the same formula as the song “Black Sabbath” yet after 3 minutes everything changes and a soft, melodic rhythm passes you by – a wonderful track.

“Delusion” starts slowly and silently before it bursts into a heavy and darkened rhythm. The chorus in this one is catchy for this sort of meld. “Don’t Forget” resembles the previous track, yet It engulfs a lot more heavy riffs and Death like melodic riffs, from their early era.

“Echoes” is one of the best around, a long song,a factor that is usual in Doom Metal, yet it has a great solo section, amazing acoustic tunes with small acoustic solos under a slow tempo while the soft vocals completes them all. “All Is Lost” is what Doom Metal is all about – sorrow and loss, both walk hand in hand in this rough tune of Death Metal killing with tunes from Leprosy. “Hope”, the closing song has the best solo in the album, so emotional and strong. This one is all clean vocals, a well done Sabbath like closer with a Cello reprise.

As mentioned, if you are a true Metalhead character, Into The Light will show you light, darkness and grey. The Prophecy has released a well-done effort to make a classical release.


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