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Metal Heaven
Release date: November 21, 2008

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Presenting another example of maturity in the Metal World – the new, and fourth album, of Cryonic Temple from Borlang, Sweden. The Swedish Metallers are back in the saddle, along with a new helm’s man and a new axeman, with their best release to date, demonstrating sheer power, heaviness, speed and their finest element, melody.

The Cryonics were formed in 1996, under the flow of Power Metal all around the world and especially in Europe. Their name originated from Cryo technology. After releasing an amount of demos between the years 1997-2002, they signed with Underground Symphony and through it released their first official debut in 2002 that goes by the name of Chapter 1. Obviously, it was only the beginning for these folks and a year later they sent a nice treat for the Metal world with their second release in 2003, Blood, Guts And Glory under their new label LMP. A couple of years later they release their third album, and one of their best, In Thy Power. In 2008, the band went through a change that brought them their best album, Immortal, under their newest label, Metal Heaven.

The band’s influences derive from the 80s British Heavy Metal scene such as Maiden, Priest , Deep Purple and Heavy Metal from various German bands like: Accept and old Helloween. The fact that differentiates them from their Power Metaller label mates, Crystal Eyes, is that they also derive influences from Old School Thrash Metal such as early Megadeth , Slayer , Exodus and Testament. These Thrash Metal components are very noticeable, especially, around this album.

As the band promised, this album is their heaviest piece yet. With the help of an amazing production, that was partly made in Underground Studios, along with crunchy, trebled heavy and B tuned guitars, divine bass lines, accurate and driving drums and diverse vocal lines. This sound production, in many ways, makes this release a well done deal based on speed and power.

When listening to the band’s current material, one notices that a change has occurred in their way of writing music and lyrics. Since they began releasing stuff their main lyrical themes were about fantasy, wars, warriors and praising Heavy Metal. Those lyrical themes were, vastly, spread among Heavy and Power Metal acts under their undisputed leader, Manowar. But, as for Immortal in particular, there is more than a slight change of approach. The album discusses not just about the latter themes, like in the tracks: “Immortal”, “Standing Tall” and “Fight To Survive”, but on themes such as deep emotions and thoughts. These current themes elevate the band’s stature from an all traditional warrior Power Metal band to something much more Progressive.

With the difference of approach around the lyrics, comes the change in making the actual music. Immortal presents a heavier and more progressive Cryonic Temple. The music is more technical and complex than previous albums. The technicality and progressiveness is very similar to various sub-genres such as Melodic Death Metal and modern Power / Thrash Metal, for example acts like: Children Of Bodom, Norther, Brainstorm, Brimstone and Dark Empire. These elements are shown with shred parts, complex solos and various changes of pace. Going more technical and heavier transforms the Cryonics to a modernized Power Metal act and less traditional like other acts that are still loyal to the old ways of the movement. Tracks for example: “Train Of Destruction” , “Where Sadness Never Rests” and “Freedom Calling”. The main part that still exists within the Cryonics is the melody that always shines in all of their releases.

One of the band’s major breakthroughs, concerning Immortal and in general, was the recruitment of a new vocalist and a guitarist. In the old lineup the vocalist, Glen Metal, was also a guitarist. Today, Magnus Thurin, is the champion on the vocals and with the addition of a new guitarist, he can devote 100% of his abilities to the band’s material, and so he did. Thurin, before he came to Cryonic Temple, was the lead vocals and guitarist for the 90s Swedish Power Metal band, Mindscape, which turned out to be a short lived ride. His style and influences are mixed with high end notes, deep tones and somewhat a combination of clean and raspy voice. With his finest abilities he demonstrates all around the album, he provides the touches of old and new.

Overall, all the songs are amazing with astonishing performance that , in terms of effect , lives on within the mind. The best of them can really turn some tables. The opening track is the self titled “Immortal” that blasts off with the speed and power that makes this album great with melodies, great solos and a fine chorus. “Standing Tall” along with “Fight To Survive” are reminders of the band’s early releases but with a much greater power and force. “Where Sadness Never Rests” and “Beg Me” presents the new era of Cryonic Temple with new lyrical themes along with galloping heavy music and great melodies. Also in the album is the great, yet sadly, short, beautiful ballad, “As I Sleep” which is a magical track. The one thing that is annoying in this release, concerning the tracks, is why the band didn’t end the album with “As I Sleep” , it’s a great closer, and instead they close with the track , “Departure” that is totally boring and it seemed forced.

Cryonic Temple drives the lane of success with yet another great album that is probably their best work. Maturing and evolving with their music and lyrics really helped them, staying tuned with the Metal world progress. May their later works be as golden as this one.


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