FALLEN ANGELS – Rise From Ashes

FALLEN ANGELS - Rise From Ashes
  • 8.5/10
    FALLEN ANGELS - Rise From Ashes - 8.5/10


Metal On Metal Records
Release date: September 10, 2008

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The war theme is an undeniable part of Thrash Metal. Most of the Thrash Metal bands are not thrilled with the idea of continuing war mongering throughout the world and many of them criticize all those involved in making them. Bands like Metallica (“Battery”, “Dispensable Heroes”) and Megadeth (“Peace Sells But Who’s Buying”) were one of the first who turned their music against it. Fallen Angels, formed in the US in 2002, joins the fight against war mongering and wars in general.

With their harsh way of storytelling, they denounce the existence of wars, which only causes senseless slaughters of human life. The means of Fallen Angels is true Old School Thrash Metal with various technicalities in the veins of Slayer, late 80s Sepultura, early through mid era of Death and early Possessed. The message of this band is clear and it’s to send you, all people of the world, a shocking wake up call because this world will start crushing down upon us if we won’t act – so everything is up to you.

Fallen Angels charges with their debut Rise From Ashes, released by the Italian label – Metal On Metal Records, as a straightforward message of raw Thrash Metal. Judging by their production efforts, they really tried to make this release an Old School brand, and successfully did so. The general sound is crunchy and challenging, with attitude. The only fault in it is that sometimes, maybe by the guitars, the drums are a bit left out and you can barely hear them, but don’t let that ruin your listening experience of this album. The outcome is a raw Old School machine with energetic moments and a hard biting production that will send you back to 1987-1988.

With the Old School Thrash Metal, Fallen Angels surprises with worthy efforts of technical showings. Without a doubt that particular factor made their music more interesting for the ones, who really admire skill and more complex pieces of music. Rise From Ashes has so many breaks in the rhythms, so many pace changes, which contains captivating solos á la mid 80s Slayer á la South Of Heaven and Seasons In The Abyss, Death like amazing techniques – although there are small rip offs taken from Sound Of Perseverance and Spiritual Healing, stunning bass work with crude speed and melodic solos and leads, drumming that is one with the rhythms and let’s not forget total mayhemic heavy riffs with trills from hell and galloping madness. You can say that Fallen Angels connects between the Old School worlds of Thrash and early Death Metal, this connection is best presented in Rise From Ashes.

As mentioned, the tunes of Rise From Ashes came to develop a certain awareness regarding the damages of warfare. Besides that attacking music, this fits right in, the album’s message is the band’s goal. When you read the booklet, pay attention and see what became from a world of wars – events that were taken, as examples are WWII and the annihilation of the Jews and the Atom Bomb on Japan, Vietnam war, the American Civil war, Santa Ana, Korean War and the massacres in Iraq in the late 1980s.

Highlights include “Rise From Ashes” which is a general view of total annihilation is a world filled with death and destruction. As far as the music goes this one is fast Speed / Thrash in the veins of old Slayer.

“Looking Over The Walls Of Despair” charges with excellent technical performance and amazing guitar and bass work. You can take this song to any direction that deals with the suffering of innocents, reading the song’s lyrics will surely send an electrical surge through your spine.

“Slaves In Words” continues with more amazing technical verses á la Death but holds within tons of thrashy and aggressive sections for you to enjoy.

“Cries Of The Dying” rules when terror and extermination are the weapons to inflict order. This one is a true Thrasher with fierce conviction – a true mosher.

“Silent City” after Enola Gay went over to finish the job in 1945 by unleashing the first largest devastation act known to man – the Atom Bomb. This storytelling feature runs along full scale Death music with memories of their older and final moments – a true tribute to an artist and a once artistic group.

“Massacred By Madness”, like the previous song, is a tribute and now it’s for Slayer. When you hear this one try to think of “Angel Of Death” or “Raining Blood” and you will find the similarities – an awesome track, probably the best of them all.

Fallen Angels tells you to continue the message against wars and acts against human kind. Take their word seriously and heed their warnings or we will face new horrific stories and the lesson will never be well learned. Join the fight!!


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