FLH – Darkness Remains

FLH - Darkness Remains
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    FLH - Darkness Remains - 8/10


Release date: September 10, 2008

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2004 was a year that made a difference for the Canadian based Thrash Metal band FLH as they came back from a nine year nap. Born in 1988, these Canadian chaps have not produced too much. Unfortunately, the Metal world didn’t have the chance to hear more from these guys. The only releases that came out of FLH were 3 demos between 1991-1994. But since their reformation, they’ve put the pedal to Thrash Metal and after four years of work , Darkness Remains rose from its wretched crib. FLH’s Thrash Metal, which is presented here, is a blend of Euro (more German based) Thrash with American sparks from the Bay Area. Better to look at it as the old Metallica and Exodus meet the early Sodom of Persecution Mania and Agent Orange.

This EP contains 6 new tracks. FLH did not bother reviving tracks from their previous demos that were of a rather darker Old School Thrash Metal nature, more mid paced than up-tempo speed induced. The all around music is not something new but it is good to know that these guys didn’t bow down to the trends of the present and created their Old School tunes by the book of 1980s Metal. Darkness Remains has great energetic rhythms; however not Speed Metal frenzy, the feeling of intensity and the hard-hitting sensation of an 80s Thrash album is there. This release is almost everything a Thrasher can hope for – it’s got the heavy Thrash riffs , attacking solos both fast and slow and breaking slow tempo palm muted assault. Several of these riffs remind of “Remember The Fallen” by Sodom and some of their more slower tunes. The final analysis is: This album is a definite headbanger and a true brand of the Old School.

However, FLH added a track that is not so suitable on this EP. “Whispering Memories”, sounds like an old Doom / Death Metal track rather than a Thrash one. This is kind of annoying because it takes the listener into a totally different direction, when you are set on something you flow with it. This track is like cutting the cord in a point of focus until it ends. Moreover, after the track ends, which is a “thank god that boredom ended”, there is an irrelevant outro, which is a kind of a waste of time.

Highlights from this one: “Fallen Empire” is the flagship of this release; it’s the war cry for the late 80s of Sodom… a total war headbanger. “D.U” (a.k.a. Depleted Uranium) continues the Old School fest of warmongering. “Primitive Nightmares” is a darker song than the others are. Check out this one’s lyrics and do not forget the rhythms of chaos. “The Hunter” closes the EP with yet another Old School theme of slow tempo.

Darkness Remains is a good comeback release for FLH. Their Thrash Metal , however dark and mystified , will still blow you away. Stay tuned for these guys , they are preparing more surprises for you.


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