RELOAD – Crime Theories

RELOAD - Crime Theories
  • 8.5/10
    RELOAD - Crime Theories - 8.5/10


Insanity Records
Release date: September 8, 2008

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Founded in 2005, Reload from Poland present their debut album via the small Polish label Insanity Records. That is, unfortunately, all the background available as label and bandsite only offer information in the Polish language. But, the language of music is universal, so who cares what was, the concern is the next 47 minutes to be spent with Crime Theories from Reload.

After a short introduction, the first track shows immediately which Metal style the band choose to be labeled with: Progressive Metal. A great opening song, “History Of Tom C.” gives a general direction for the album: Symphony X meets Dream Theater with a little twist into oriental sounds and peculiar Keyboard arrangements without becoming mellow. Singer Michal Zaczek has a clear, strong voice fitting the style and carries the track with the right mixture of melody and craziness that goes well with the break-laden composition.

As if to underline their influences, the next two tracks each show a resemblance to the respective bands already mentioned. The title track “Crime Theory” wallows in Symphony X harmonies and heaviness, while “Hard Cure” summons the spirit of Dream Theater, especially due to the keyboard and guitar interaction, which sees eye to eye with the masters of Prog themselves. During the middle section, almost oriental sounds – a recurring idea in many songs emphasized by the keyboard player Dawid Gancarz which gives Reload a special sound – distinguish the composition from early DT, before the band returns down the road which takes them into the neighborhood of Images And Words or Falling into Infinity.

Further down the album, most songs lean either to one or the other of the two bands mentioned, but never again so obviously as “Crime Theories” and “Hard Cure” do. Skillful arrangements and pace changes combined with good musicianship and a mature songwriting unusual for debut albums make up the remainder of the album which is rich with highlights. The only trait by which the youth of the band is audible are occasional ‘wild’ parts, eruptions into the unexpected, as first observed in the opening track. While being progressive seems to be an important part of being Reload, so is being heavy enough to be enjoyed by Metalfans.

Crime Theories is an unexpected gem which must not go unnoticed. Progressive Metal fans all over the world should listen to some tunes of this young band who offer a stainless album full of excellent compositions. Recently it has become more and more worthwhile to take a look to the east where many new and young bands of high quality, professionalism and skill raise their head. Reload is more proof of that. If you do not pay attention to the Metal scene there, you may miss out on something important. Since the website of the band is in Polish only, here go to the “audio” section of the page where you can listen to three songs from this album.


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