EXTREME – Saudades de Rock

EXTREME - Saudades de Rock
  • 8.5/10
    EXTREME - Saudades de Rock - 8.5/10


Release date: August 1, 2008

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Wow, that was an unexpected opening for sure! The bluesy rocker which opens this album is entitled “Star” and starts with some very strange vocal harmonies that leave your face looking like a question mark! Recovering from the shock you’re tossed out into some very cool bluesy licks and you must have some hell of self-control not to let your foot stomp the beat. What a fantastic groove! Midway in the song you’re presented to the first awesome solo from Mr. Nuno Bettencourt who does a tremendous job with his 6-stringer on this album.

Extreme, which is an American band may be totally unknown for those that did not experience the 80s. But for those who did, they might remember them. The band were formed way back in 1985 and has to this date released five studio albums and sold over ten million units worldwide. Especially their 1990 release Pornograffitti gained them a lot of success. It was certified gold and gained them 2x platinum in the autumn of 1992. Unfortunately, the band quit in 1996. Gary went on to become the lead singer for Van Halen for a short period and Nuno went on with a solo career. In 2004 they started playing again and in 2008 a new album was released. The brand new record entitled Saudades de Rock is the first album to be released in thirteen years. It has been a long time for the fans but this was absolutely an album worth the waiting!

The second song; “Comfortably Dumb” takes the same path as the opener with bluesy riffs and funky rhythms. They actually sound a bit like Led Zeppelin during the intro, and the “Zeppelin – expression” fits the dirty production which sounds like it’s taken from somewhere in the 70s. Another riff-based song follows this one. “Learn To Love” has a very rough sound to it, energetic riffs and catchy hooks.

Fourth song heading out of this record is something you wouldn’t expect; an up-tempo Country Rock tune. It’s one of the weaker moments of this record, in despite of the previous three songs. It’s only the guitar work of Nuno that lifts this song a little. “Last Hour” is the first of three ballads. It’s simple, moody and again it is the guitar that makes the song interesting. Nuno Bettencourt should have a medal for his tremendous playing; it’s pure Rock N’ Roll.

“Slide” is another “Zeppelin-clone” with great riffs and a groove that reaches your heart, making you scream for more! It’s followed by the second ballad entitled “Interface” featuring beautiful vocal harmonies and melodies. One wouldn’t be wrong in saying that this band is inspired by Led Zeppelin, just listen to the following song “Sunrise”. This is Led Zeppelin only with a different vocalist. The similarities are huge, and when the music is put through this production it is impossible to avoid being compared to the old rockers.

The song that ends the record is an old demo song from 1985 which was released as a bonus track in Europe. It’s entitled “Americocain” and one can hear that this is from the 80s Metal scene. It’s not as bluesy as their music is now, 20 years later. However it is a great song that fits the bill in ending the album. There’s no doubt about the qualities of Saudades de Rock. It’s the definitive Rock N’ Roll album so far this year. Spending your hard earned money on this one would not be a sin! Check it out!


  1. Star
  2. Comfortably Dumb
  3. Learn To Love
  4. Take Us Alive
  5. Run
  6. Last Hour
  7. Flower Man
  8. King Of The Ladies
  9. Ghost
  10. Slide
  11. Interface
  12. Sunrise
  13. Peace (Saudade)
  14. Americocain (demo 1985, European bonus track)


Nuno Bettencourt – Guitar
Gary Cherone – Vocals
Pat Badger – Bass
Kevin Figueiredo – Drums


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