MOTORCITY BRAGS – Ten Arrogant Tales

MOTORCITY BRAGS - Ten Arrogant Tales
  • 4/10
    MOTORCITY BRAGS - Ten Arrogant Tales - 4/10


Cumshots Records
Release date: August 1, 2008

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Italian rockers Motorcity Brags released their new album Ten Arrogant Tales this year. Not an interesting album at all. What can be admired is that the band has arranged over 200 shows in Europe in only three years, all on their own, without a record deal and booking agency. Or so they say on their Myspace site. However, they do also write “the band that everybody wants”. Well, can’t agree with that! Let’s look upon their new release and find the reason.

“Dull And Tedious” … ? … What is this? Yeah, opening an album with a 24 second-long feedback was indeed a great idea! For those that did not smell the irony flowing from that sentence; this was an absolutely idiotic opening. You begin to think this will be a total futile listening experience, which is actually true from an overall point of view, but they save themselves a bit with the first real song entitled “Bouncin’ Betty”. Apart from an intro that sounds like a high school punk band… it’s good. There are some cool riffs here, VERY Rock N’ Roll-ish. Through almost three minutes you’re presented to a great load of kicking riffs and catchy hooks. It is the best song on the record.

Following up is “Kick U Out Of The Band”. Again you can drag lines of similarities over to bands such as Sum 41 and Blink 182. This is indeed a hit song, but sounds nothing more than crap. However, you haven’t heard the worst moment on the record yet. When hearing about their inspiration sources you’ll know why they sound like a punk band. Turbonegro, Ramones and so on…

Fifth song heading out of the album is “We Are Dirty Rock N’ Roll Band”. It’s a great song but not a stand out, it gets uninteresting too early. The title-statement may be worthy of some intense discussion. Maybe they are a dirty Rock N’ Roll band in appearance and attitude, but their music does not sound like that!

Another highlight of this record is the seventh song “I Need An Ugly And Stupid Girlfriend So I Can Feel Cute And Clever”. It’s one of few songs that has a bit slower tempo. The riffs are more interesting than the ones heading from the previous tracks. “The Riot Of The Rats” should also get some describing words. From the very beginning this song sends itself to the top of the achievements appearing on this record. Drummer Marco Da Vinci counts the band in with a cowbell and the riffs that come leave you with a smile on your face. It’s also common knowledge among Rockers that you can’t be a dirty Rock N’ Roll band without a cowbell, just ask the guys from Guns N’ Roses. Again some very catchy hooks appear and the chorus may be the audience favorite, aching for a sing-along.

All in all, you can leave this record unheard. It’s definitely not a must-purchase, not at all. “Bouncin’ Betty” and “The Riot Of The Rats” are the only songs that really need to be heard from this album and spending your money for two songs, well, leave it be. And yes, for those that wonder, it is the Nancy Sinatra song that ends this record, it’s not a remarkable version either.

  1. Dull And Tedious
  2. Bouncin’ Betty
  3. Kick U Out Of The Band
  4. Shoot You In The Face
  5. We Are A Dirty Rock N’ Roll Band
  6. Tex Willer
  7. I Need An Ugly And Stupid Girlfriend So I Can Feel Cute And Clever
  8. Stone Cold Motherfucker
  9. The Riot Of The Rats
  10. TWBITW
  11. These Boots Are Made For Walking

Marco Da Vinci – Drums
Paul Del Bello – Bass and vocals
Mexx – Guitars



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