JORN – Lonely Are The Brave

JORN - Lonely Are The Brave
  • 7/10
    JORN - Lonely Are The Brave - 7/10


Frontiers Records
Release date: June 6, 2008

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Jorn has been known to produce some truly magnificent albums, and Lonely Are the Brave is no different. Jorn Lande’s voice fits perfectly with the music, creating a flawless taste of Rock and Metal intertwined. This new album was produced with Tommy Hansen who has also worked with Helloween and TNT. To say the least, this new CD is exultingly brilliant.

The first song up is “Lonely Are The Brave”, the title of the whole album. It starts off with Jorn Lande’s outstanding voice waltzing with the guitars. Together with the drums and bass it makes a dance of Metal/Rock that’s pure bliss to a music lover’s ears. Jorn’s voice is really unleashed in this song, soaring to new heights. This track is immaculate, and is definitely a great choice to launch off this album.

“Night City” is next. It has more of a Rock feeling to it, and is exceptional. With strong guitar riffs, an austere beat, and entrenched vocals you’ll be singing along with it in no time. “War Of The World” also has a solid rhythm to it, and sort of creates an old fashioned quality even stirring in some pinch harmonics.

“Shadow People” is after those. The intro is extraordinary, seriously. When someone says that you usually would think something like it has a cool solo or nice scream, but not in this case. Jorn really takes it up a notch here. It starts with faded exotic music, gun shots, and almost tribal drums. Then it goes into Jorn’s strong vocals and biting guitars. This song by far has the best and most diverse intro. If you listen to the lyrics you will get a great message, listeners should replay this song over and over. You won’t get tired of it.

After this masterpiece is “Soul Of The Wind”. This track is a little mellower than the first tracks, but don’t get too used to it. Jorn still managed to add in some sick guitars and lyrics about angels and wolves. “Soul Of The Wind” is a little more ominous than prior tracks and shows the different faces of Jorn. “Man Of The Dark” and “Promises” follow this mysterious song’s path.

“The Inner Road” is after these tracks. “The Inner Road” is elevating and has some damn good guitar. The guitar parts jump from high solo to muted and deep. It’s rare to see a band let the instruments and voice be equal and Jorn manages to do it quite well, especially here.

The album closes with the awesome “Hellfire”. Jorn jumps from high to low vocal ranges, challenging his voice and does an exceptional job. This track has some parts that sound a little like Black Sabbath, Pantera and Black Label at times. It’s a great track to close off the album.

Jorn is something to check out. This one has it all, threatening and heart-renching guitars, rhythmic drums, deep and high vocals, a great beat, the works. Go check him out!


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