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Release date: April 22, 2008

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Following the fist Gigantour in 2005, fans have yet another Gigantour gathering. Dave Mustaine (of Megadeth) managed to round up and hand pick yet another great batch of bands for 2006. Now, two years later, fans can enjoy this musical delicacy on CD.

The CD kicks off with “Rachel’s Day” by The Smashup (it’s one of the songs that is not included on the DVD). The Smashup brings some originality to the show with their sound; it’s sort of a mix of Metal and Hardcore. A very odd band to be hand-picked by Mustaine, but they really hold their place in the lineup.

The band Sanctity is next. Their song “Zeppo” (also on the DVD) creates a more Thrashy/Heavy Metal mood. Jared’s gruff vocals, heavy riffs, and fast solos adds a very well-known uniqueness to Sanctity. These guys are ready to kick past the small shows and really hit the Metal scene.

“Timeless Winter” is the third track. Into Eternity really is amazing, both on CD and live. With this track they prove their individuality. There’s clean vocals, growls, almost 80s screams, speedy guitar, cruel drums, EVERYTHING a Metalhead could ever ask. Into Eternity is by far one of the better bands in this lineup.

Overkill enters next with their songs “Thanx For Nothing” and “Long Time Dyin’.” “Old School” Thrashers will treasure these tracks. Overkill have been around since the late 1980s and are still a strong band live and will send a rush of adrenaline through your blood. They challenge the lesser known bands with a benchmark to live up to, but still fit in fine with this lineup.

Next the female-fronted Death Metal band Arch Enemy enters the arena. Their heaviness and Angela Gossow’s brutal vocals literally enthrall your ears with Metalness. The two tracks “Nemesis” and “We Will Rise” are also shown on the Gigantour 2 DVD. Arch Enemy is definitely one of the stronger bands on the album.

Opeth is up next with “Windowpane.” Opeth truly adds a sound unlike any other. “Windowpane” slows things down for a little bit on the CD with its rich melodious sound, but still keeps you listening. They are truly a diverse band and you can see why Mustaine chose them.

Accelerating the mood is Lamb Of God (the CD adds one more song compared to the DVD). Lamb Of God erupts in pure present day Metal. The choice of songs included on this CD sum up well the magnitude of this band — “Vigil,” “Redneck,” and “Now You’ve Got Something To Die For”.

As the CD goes on it seems like the bands just keep getting better. Finally, Megadeth closes up this album with “Take No Prisoners” off their 1990 album, Rust in Peace, “The Scorpion” from The System Has Failed, and “Washington Is Next” off of their newest album United Abominations. “Take No Prisoners” shows yet another Old School Thrash twist, but it doesn’t even seem like it’s 18 years old in the least bit. “The Scorpion” and “Take No Prisoners” come on with the same enormity. Megadeth will be and always has captured the soul of Metal.

This CD has a musical range that is sure to get the attention of any Metal listener. It’s honestly something you should own; it has Old School Trash, Metal, Death Metal, Hardcore, a sick variety in all.
P.S. There’s a surprise too after the 14th track!


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