MEGADETH – The World Needs A Hero


Release Date: May 15, 2001

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The world needs a hero! But Mega-Dave’s hero status after this is completely gone. What a tragedy, from one of the finest songwriters in crunchy heavy metal, this is boring all the way from track two until the end. Megadeth steals from their own legacy, as well as others, and it truly hurts me to predict that this is the end of an era. Though I was never hit in the face by “Risk”, that record had better songs. This wrapping is perhaps more suitable for the band, but I never believed that Dave Mustaine would come up with songs this weak, and then let the world know! The sound is thin and dry, the guitar solos are very, very boring, Pitrelli really needed Paul O’Neill to push him over the edge as he always did a good job in the studio with Savatage. Dave himself was never a melodic singer, but his raw and critical voice really suited him. Here, he tries to sing, and it just doesn’t work! I have to say I really felt sick after trying the record over and over again. I really don’t want to say that, but it is a fact. I don’t feel comfortable with hammering “The World Needs A Hero”, and it makes me sad to see this once so brilliant band do so bad.


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