SAGA – 10,000 Days

SAGA - 10,000 Days
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    SAGA - 10,000 Days - 8.5/10


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Release date: November 6, 2007

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A lot of bands nowadays don’t last more than a year let alone 30 years, but that’s exactly what Canada’s Progressive Rock band Saga have done. This honorable victory doesn’t come without some sorrow, though. As the majority of Saga fans are aware, vocalist and co-founder Michael Sadler has announced his retirement in order to spend more time with his real family. The title track of Saga’s latest opus, which serves as a farewell to Sadler, is aptly entitled 10,000 Days, which is roughly 30 years … actually only 27.4 … but perhaps the band excluded “non-working days.”

Getting past the album’s artwork is a fun pastime in itself as a quick glance has anyone thinking of an odd “metal shoe” or perhaps some “ass sideways bedpan.” All kidding aside, a deeper glance reveals that it appears to be a large, spaceship-sized representation of the mask from everyone’s “alien bug friend” who has been depicted on several Saga covers from the last two decades. Warren Flanagan, who worked for Hollywood blockbusters like Blade, X-Men and Hulk created the album’s artwork. Warren also designed the gorgeous artwork of the recent Symphony X album Paradise Lost.

Musically, this is another of those Saga works that won’t grab you immediately. After some 20+ albums, Saga fans always spin a new Saga release with some trepidation as the late nineties and current millennium haven’t ushered in a tremendous amount of Saga “defining moments.” Rest assured, if you give this one a chance and some additional spins it will definitely grow on you … quickly!

There are nine tracks on order here for a combined total of nearly 51 minutes. Strangely enough, a majority of the tracks start off with an intricate opening keyboard line, guitar line, or a guitar/keyboard harmony line. The net result is that each of these tracks seems to start quietly and then “burst” into some top notch Progressive Rock by adding bobbing bass, drums, and vocals.

Musically, most tracks are upbeat and fairly solid-sounding, yielding perhaps some of the band’s hardest music in the last several years. Opener “Lifeline,” for instance, starts off with a repeating, crescendo keyboard line that bursts into bass, drums, and guitar and results in a nice solid staccato guitar riff. “Book Of Lies” is another winner, riding on that bobbing Progressive bass line Saga has made use of so many times in the past. “Sideways” starts off with a nice Renaissance-like guitar/keyboard line before bursting into the album’s catchiest melody it has to offer. This chorus will cause all die-hard fans to shed a tear knowing that Saga won’t have Sadler belting out such heartfelt choruses anymore. This release also sees the band delivering an instrumental track in “Corkentellis.” While it’s not going to have fans forget classic band jams, e.g., at the end of “Don’t Be Late” … it is certainly entertaining and will most certainly be a nice treat to behold live. “More Than I Deserve” is the only true ballad on the release, but the very uplifting “Sound Advice,” which serves as another shining highlight, follows it. “10,000 Days” treads close to being a ballad, but it garners attention because it’s Sadler’s ode to the Saga fans they have encountered over the past 30 years of touring. Thankfully, “It Never Ends,” which is an odd title choice for a closer given the situation, is another very uplifting track that should have fans bobbing their heads and thrusting their fists.

Bottom line, this one serves as a very memorable release compared to some of the Saga efforts over the last two decades. Perhaps, though, it’s not an instant classic and one most fans will probably not even admit as the most fitting sonnet for Sadler’s departure. But, from a technical and entertainment standpoint, 10,000 Days delivers in spades several of the qualities Saga fans have enjoyed in the band over the years. It serves as one heck of a bon voyage for Sadler and a must buy for any devout Saga fan! Thank you Michael from Saga fans all over the world for a very memorable 30 years!


Michael Sadler – Lead Vocals
Ian Crichton – Guitars
Jim Crichton – Lead Bass, Keyboards
Jim Gilmour – Lead Keyboards, Vocals, Clarinet, Accordion
Brian Doerner – Drums


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