SILENT FATE – The Autumn Machine

SILENT FATE - The Autumn Machine
  • 8.5/10
    SILENT FATE - The Autumn Machine - 8.5/10


Release date: November 6, 2007

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Most albums/CD’s have a particular theme or pattern. This particular release is all over the place — but in a good way actually. It has a mixture of sounds and themes beyond comparison … it really keeps you on your toes, so to speak, since the listener doesn’t know what to expect next.

The first thing that stands out after listening to this CD is that the band is composed of very talented musicians. The band, which was formed back in 2001, originally dissipated due to artistic differences right after their debut release. Silent Fate’s founder, Anthony Paganini, reformed the band around 2006 and today’s version is Anthony Paganini (vocals, bass, keys), Alessio Campoli (vocals), Danny Lamagna (drums), Steve “Squich” Squicciarini (rhythm guitar), and Frank “Junior” Guertin (rhythm & lead guitar). Anthony is the creative mastermind behind the band and is the lead songwriter. Alessio’s screams are what add a dynamic to the band that has raised the bar a notch or two. Danny is an accomplished session drummer and is also a member of the Brooklyn hard rockers Suicide City. Steve had been in Shatterpoint and Descecration, which readied him for the role in Silent Fate. As for Frank, his past is part of a Rock fraternity that is much unlike the norm. He was a student of Al Pitrelli at the age of 15, and his first band’s album was produced by members of Foreigner. He’s a truly gifted and impressive lead guitarist as this CD attests.

Of the eleven tracks on the CD, about half or so incorporate a Euro/Black/Death/Thrash Metal sound to them. Then there are some original sounding, Modern-type tunes, which are a nice touch. There is one Punk-meets-Metal track and even one acoustic ballad, just to keep listeners guessing.

“Permicide,” title track “The Autumn Machine,” and “Black” are the three heaviest tracks on the CD in terms of all having a Euro/Black/Death Metal sound to them. “Whisper My Sweet Dear” is probably the most interesting track on the entire CD simply because the tune has many things going on at once. That is probably the easiest way to say it. One moment you have the vocals sounding like the tune belongs to the Euro/Black/Death Metal genre and then in the next moment it sounds like a Modern-type tune. Not to be outdone, then there are moments in the track that have both happening at the same time. Talk about messing with your head!

“Sadly,” and “Skin” are two tracks that have an original band sound to them with a few intricacies here and there. “Skin” has an eerie and dark touch to it with a Type O Negative sound to it as well. This track is something that Marilyn Manson would be proud to claim. Another track on the CD with a Type O Negative feel to it is “Ice.” “Come Undone” has an 80’s type Tears For Fears sound to it that is especially noticeable in the vocal area. The tune is actually a Duran Duran remake that the band pulls off with flying colors. For a surprise and shock, the band decided to throw in an acoustic ballad. “A Slow Decay” is the only track on the CD that uses an acoustic guitar at all. The track adds something different to the whole scheme of things, and it actually has some real nice harmonies in it.

“Create” is a tune that mixes Punk with Metal. The vocals are reminiscent of Black/Death Metal whereas the screaming mixed with harmonies adds an interesting touch. The keys in the background add another dimension to the song that is probably overlooked by most. The guitar solo near the end by Frank is another one of his gems. “Whole” has a completely different sound than the other tracks. It is a Rock/Hard Rock/Metal/Modern type tune mixed together. The guitar has a wah effect or something similar added to it that makes the lead sound incredible and heavy at the same time.

The last remaining track is “Just Like Me.” It has a Hard Rock/Metal type riff going on and takes on an overall 80’s guitar sound throughout the entire song. The vocals have a little delay/echo effect added to the mix that originates itself nicely from the other tunes. Frank’s guitar lead has some effects added as well, which spruces up his solo just a bit — not that his leads are in desperate need of anything. Another original-sounding tune from the band.


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