SAGA – Marathon

SAGA - Marathon


SPV Records
Release date: April 8, 2003

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Currently playing in Europe, Saga returns with their brand new studio album, Marathon.

The Canadian band are still going strong, and are now regularly releasing records and touring. Not bad for a band who was formed way back in 1976. It says something about their determination, talent and their music. Saga, along with fellow Canadians, Rush, will always have a faithful audience. They enjoyed their biggest success in the early eighties and late seventies, but their recent releases have been quality records too.

Marathon is another quality album from Saga, and it is the title cut that starts up the show. Pretty rocking, and a good start for the record. Their sound, a curious mix of keyboards and guitars, but with a lot of melody, is pretty unique. If you are fond of Yes, Genesis or Rush, you should enjoy Saga’s music as well. Their progressive tendencies become more visible on the strong second number, “How are you?” Check out the middle part, with the many delicate guitar solos.

“Breathing lessons” is next up, and could be a nice song for all the radio stations. “Hands up,” picks up the tempo again, and reminds me of mid-eighties Rush. “The moody Streets of gold (Chapter 14)” is one of the highlights of the album, with lots of progressive delights. The arrival of the gentle, “Return to forever,” is a welcome breather, before “Too deep” comes riffing out of the speakers. A highly enjoyable number! You know I know is another strong rocker, and Saga’s latest album contains enough rock songs, to warrant interest from the Metal Express Radio crew.

“Rise and shine” and “Worlds apart (chapter 16)” ends the album, and I must say this was a pleasant ride. A lot of good progressive rock is to be found on Marathon. Saga just keeps on going!

Highlights: Worlds apart, How are you, Marathon, Breathing Lessons, Streets of gold


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