VARIOUS ARTISTS – Glamnation Vol. 2

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Glamnation Vol. 2
  • 7.5/10
    VARIOUS ARTISTS - Glamnation Vol. 2 - 7.5/10


272 Records
Release date: October 30, 2007

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If you like Glam (and really, who doesn’t?) then you must buy Glamnation Volume 2. The latest offering by 272 Records provides 22 tracks by up-and-coming Glam artists. While Glamnation Volume 1 provided choice tidbits, Volume 2 is chocked full of music, make-up, and excess. In short, this album is a winner.

The 22 bands and tracks look like this:

  1. California Red (Danger)
  2. Road Religion (Fables Last Stand)
  3. Let’s Rock (Kelly Fairchild)
  4. Tenielle (Robot Army)
  5. 90 Yeah! (The Sevenate)
  6. Rock Crazy (Oney)
  7. Chronical Tragedy (Bangkok Babes)
  8. Two Souls In Love With Death (Internal Disfunction)
  9. Hollywood (Sick Stars)
  10. So Much Love (The Wings Of Love)
  11. Exploited Teens (Decadent Daughters)
  12. TrampQueen (Stripped)
  13. I Am The Swagger (Turbo Lovers)
  14. The Gang (Natural Born Rockers)
  15. Heaven Tonite (Demons Alley)
  16. Jody’s On Junk (Kickstarter)
  17. Crash N’ Burn (Neon Knights)
  18. T.G.I.F. (SHAM)
  19. Innocense (Velvet Rose)
  20. London (NextGo Pretty)
  21. Mission To Rock (Hansel)
  22. I’d Give It All To Make Her Mine (Aaron Morales)

So what are the best of the best? Without a doubt, Swedish rockers Danger show immense promise. This isn’t surprising considering all the best Glam these days is out of Sweden. Moreover, Danger’s track “California Red” actually sounds like an ode to the Sunset Strip.

Glam is found all over the world, sometimes even in the Midwest. Columbus, Ohio based Oney are cashing-in on the Glam resurgence and giving music another shot. The band released a debut album in 1989. Since that time, Oney struggled to find fame. Fast forward a few years and now the band is on the world’s largest reissue label Retrospect Records. Oney provides “Rock Crazy” for Glamnation Volume 2. If the song sounds authentic 80s, that’s because it is straight out of the Oney vault! Even better, Oney are rumored to be playing a side stage at Rocklahoma 2008 – the world’s only all Glam festival.

Demons Alley offer “Heaven Tonite” to the Glam gods. “Heaven Tonite” is definitely sleazy and utilizes punk influences, giving Demons Alley a distinct sound from other bands featured on Glamnation Volume 2. The band is currently looking for a record deal. Lead singer Pink has a unique tonal quality to his voice that should really give this band an edge. This is definitely one act to watch.

Glam is nothing without a power ballad. Aaron Morales sort of fills the bill with “I’d Give It All (To Make Her Mine).” This song changes tempo frequently and has great guitar work to boot. Citing Def Leppard as a major influence, Aaron Morales and his band are setting out to bring back Modern Rock’s popularity to mainstream society.


  • Allyson B. Crawford

    Allyson was a reviewer here at Metal Express Radio, based out of Kettering, Ohio, USA. She works as a journalist at a local television station, and has a Graduate Degree in Rhetoric and an Undergraduate Degree in English with an emphasis on British Literature. She also owns and operates, a website dedicated to the Glam Metal movement. Her first Glam tape was Poison’s Open Up and Say … Ahh! She got the cassette for Christmas when she was in fourth grade. Her passion lies somewhere between the bars and notes that created the soundtrack to the never ending Rock 'n' Roll party that was the '80s. She considers Aerosmith's Rocks and Mötley Crüe's Shout At The Devil her all-time favorite albums.

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