JADED HEART – Sinister Mind

JADED HEART - Sinister Mind
  • 10/10
    JADED HEART - Sinister Mind - 10/10


Release date: October 19, 2007

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The story of German Melodic Rockers Jaded Heart started way back in 1990 when singer Michael Bormann and his guitar playing brother Dirk Bormann were in search of suitable companions. The following year Michael Müller (bass, ex-THE SYGNET) and former MAD MAX drummer Axel Kruse joined the band. The keyboardist Chris Ivo was requited in 1994, just after the release of the first album Inside Out. From there they got the chance to be the support act for GLENN HUGHES and MOTHER’S FINEST on tour. The worldwide reputation was gained with the second release Slaves And Masters. Jaded Heart signed a worldwide record deal with the Italian label Frontiers Records after the release of Helluva Time (2005). In the beginning of 2007, Jaded Heart started the production of their new album Sinister Mind, which was released worldwide. The album was recorded and mixed by top producers Michael Voss and Chris Lausmann.

Sinister Mind is a “new beginning” for Jaded Heart. This record features massive, majestic, and fresh-sounding music. Jaded Heart has always filled expectations with their releases, but now they have certainly advanced! Right from the start of the album they punch out music with such energy that it is hard to believe this is the same band as before. This is a fresh release from a hungry band that knows how to deliver high class Melodic Rock. Sinister Mind starts out with the energy filled song “Hero.” It sure is a great sing-a-long song with a catchy refrain and simple lyrics. It does, however, feature a guitar solo that could be characterized as cliché. Anyway, even clichés are welcome some times and the solo is beautiful. And, from there it gets even better … from the heavy, riff-based title track to the atmospheric power ballad “Going Under,” which is dominated by massive drums, a pounding deep bass, floating keyboards, and screaming guitars. Very much of the music is a little up-tempo, like the opener “Hero,” or the more dark-sounding “Hellucinate.” The band is fantastic, but one special person should be praised for his outstanding work on this record: the Swedish guitar player Peter Östros. He plays with such passion, plays fantastic riffs, and squeezes out extraordinary solos that will certainly blow out your mind!

Listening to this fantastic record drags you into a musical dream; The Melodic Rock scene of 2007 was full of highlights, and quite a few of the releases came close to this outstanding album! No disappointments at all … the band plays amazingly good songs one after another. There are no weak moments on this record; the band manages to maintain the energy from the beginning to the very end. This is the definitive must-purchase choice of the year! Jaded Heart – Sinister Mind: 10/10!


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