HANOI ROCKS – Street Poetry

HANOI ROCKS - Street Poetry
  • 8.5/10
    HANOI ROCKS - Street Poetry - 8.5/10


Release date: September 5, 2007

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Legendary Glam Rockers Hanoi Rocks are back with Street Poetry. The Hanoi Rocks of today is a lot different than the early 1980s incarnation. These days, the only two original members are singer Michael Monroe and guitarist Andy McCoy. Despite a tumultuous recording career, Monroe and McCoy are surprisingly able to make some great music together and Street Poetry is a strong release that pays tribute to the past, while still sounding modern.

Monroe’s voice is still Glammy and strong. The tongue-in-cheek single “Fashion” features great guitar riffs and interesting percussion. Fans took this song to the top of the Finnish record charts. It seems fitting for flamboyant Monroe to sing about clothes and catwalks. Other high points on Street Poetry include the album’s title track and “Power Of Persuasion.” On the latter, Monroe bends his voice, meowing like a cat. Monroe’s amazing range on this song easily makes it the best track on Street Poetry. In fact, it’s pretty clear the band knows this song is so good, because their confidence seems unmatched. Plus, “Power Of Persuasion” features female back-up singers and a horn section. Horns are cool.

Even though Hanoi Rocks isn’t reinventing the wheel here, Street Poetry feels fresh. “Walkin’ Away” is great, with an amazing build-up to a chorus that’s sure to get stuck in your head. Yes, it’s just that catchy. In fact, every song on Street Poetry can -– and probably will -– get stuck in your head. That’s fine. Just whip out the CD and give it another spin.

Talk about an upbeat release. Nearly every song on Street Poetry is a stone cold rocker. “This One’s For Rock ‘n’ Roll” is just what the title suggests: a tribute to great, Classic Rock. “Highwired” demands everyone to “get up and dance.” The song is so fast, so cheerful, it isn’t hard to resist Monroe’s invitation to cut a rug.

Is Street Poetry better than Two Steps From the Move? In a word, no. Still, Street Poetry is one consistent effort, mostly thanks to the quality songwriting. Someone forgot to tell Hanoi Rocks that Glam went out of “Fashion” a few years ago. Lucky for Glam fans, Monroe and company are staying true to their musical roots and continue to influence young musicians. After all, Hanoi Rocks is bringing back Glam!


  • Allyson B. Crawford

    Allyson was a reviewer here at Metal Express Radio, based out of Kettering, Ohio, USA. She works as a journalist at a local television station, and has a Graduate Degree in Rhetoric and an Undergraduate Degree in English with an emphasis on British Literature. She also owns and operates BringBackGlam.com, a website dedicated to the Glam Metal movement. Her first Glam tape was Poison’s Open Up and Say … Ahh! She got the cassette for Christmas when she was in fourth grade. Her passion lies somewhere between the bars and notes that created the soundtrack to the never ending Rock 'n' Roll party that was the '80s. She considers Aerosmith's Rocks and Mötley Crüe's Shout At The Devil her all-time favorite albums.

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