KINGS OF MODESTY – Kings Of Modesty

KINGS OF MODESTY - Kings Of Modesty
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    KINGS OF MODESTY - Kings Of Modesty - 8/10


Release date: 2007

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Kings Of Modesty are a Finnish band who have been together for about one year, though some members have allegedly been playing together for longer than that in other bands and projects. They have already been testing waters internationally, gigging in Switzerland before recording this four-song CD.

Coming across as a mixture of perhaps Symphony X and definitely Masterplan, Kings Of Modesty could be categorized as ”Power” with ”Progressive” leanings, but they are very song-based, and come across not as light, but instead more dramatic and with a darker tone than most of the Euro garbage that’s called ”Power” in this day and age.

”Miracle” is the 1st track: You’ve heard the characteristics before, but then what’s unique nowadays? The song’s chorus grabs at first listen, which is certainly more than can be said for a large majority of modern day, Melodic pseudo-Progressive Metal bands, so there’s talent in the songwriting field. The mandatory solo part bases on a lyrical feel, which to great effect takes the listener back to that memorable lead chorus path before a new heavy riff stands out from the rest of the song, wrapping it up. An excellent track to start things off.

”Tailspin” is next: A slight Eternal Idol-era Sabbath guitar (tone-wise) part opens up the EP’s second track, while the keyboards take a different, though not ill-fitting, route simultaneously. The rhythm section settles in for a more anonymous, steady course than was the case with the previous track. More resemblance to Masterplan can be heard here with the guitar work, which strikes likeliness to Sir Grapows work of recent years.

Vocalist Jason Flinck’s pronunciation is very good. He’s certainly got a versatile voice, which goes well in hand not only with the excellent musicianship here, but also gets put to good use as vocal melodies are aplenty.

”Staring Eyes” is up 3rd: Features what is most often thought of as ”Progressive” elements in the form of time changes before a more relaxed slow-to-mid-paced Hard Rock stance takes over, and organ-like keyboard effects kept subtle in the background. Another excellent chorus, ridiculously infectious, where keys added to the vocals manage to fully captivate a moving musical beauty. Indeed, ”Staring Eyes” is probably the best of these four tracks on offer, which is saying a lot considering the impressive song qualities at hand.

”Suicidal Mission” is last: This uplifting title consists mainly of heavy parts where the guitar is concerned during the verses before settling for more melody and solo interplay with the keyboards as the track progresses. The comparably ”weaker” track of the bunch still showcases well-thought out arrangement ideas especially, again, where the keyboards are concerned. Where many fellow Finnish countrymen often have keys high in the mix, which tends to take away from the heaviness, Kings Of Modesty know the importance of keeping them subtle in the mix and having it complement the rest of the band.

The next ”big” thing to come out of the land of sauna? That remains to be seen. If not, it wouldn’t be the first time talent would go largely unnoticed, but it’s best to be optimistic this time. In fact, this blows anything Masterplan has done since its debut out of the water. Be sure to be on the lookout for these guys. If these (supposedly modest) gentlemen can demonstrate such a chemistry right off the bat, how will further bonding as writers conjure up new material within another couple of years? This certainly bodes well for the inevitable full-length debut, and it will be interesting to see if they will be able to maintain consistency in such an environment.


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