MARCO MENDOZA – Live For Tomorrow

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    MARCO MENDOZA - Live For Tomorrow - 8.5/10


Release Date: 2007-07-06

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“Marco is the world’s greatest bass player and he’s got the soul.” – Ted Nugent

Marco Mendoza is not an unknown name in the music world. Through his career he has played with great, even legendary, bands and artists such as Ted Nugent, Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy, Blue Murder, Steve Lukather, and Ozzy Osbourne. He’s one of the most in-demand session musicians of the LA music scene, most recognized for his amazing 6 string fretless bass chops. Apart from his chimerical bass skills, he now shows off his great vocal talent on his debut solo album. Mendoza really impresses as a singer and does indeed hit the spot on every song!

Live For Tomorrow was mostly written and produced by Marco during the fall of 2006 and the beginning of 2007. Along with him on this record, you’ll find former Mr. Big guitarist Richie Kotzen, an awesome guitar player that also enriches this record with his vocal skills in a duet with Marco in the song “I Want You.” Apart from these very talented musicians, you’ll find other strong-delivering talents, such as Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake), Ted Nugent, Steve Lukather (TOTO), Tommy Aldridge (Whitesnake), and Brian Tichy (Pride Of Lions, Glory, Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol, and Foreigner).

The music is quite Bluesy and the opening track, “Not For Me,” is no exception. This song is catchy and features a very cool groove and attitude. The guitar solo is a little “in the shadows;” a little diffused and not that remarkable. Kotzen does anyway play some very interesting guitar licks towards the end. All in all, “Not For Me” is a very fine tune and opener of the album.

The following title track, “Live For Tomorrow,” starts out with a laidback guitar lick, a little Southern Rock-ish. Then the band enters in a very cool Bluesy melody. Once again, Marco tosses you a very suitable chorus. Somehow this track just makes you want to party!

The next tune is a little Funky, featuring a Hammond organ. Sometimes it sounds like it could be inspired by early Whitesnake. Marco seems to have a great talent for creating strong and very catchy refrains. This chorus could make you feel like drifting away; going out on the musical journey Marco presents to you.

“Look Out For The Boys” is just awesome. It opens up with a very riff-based melody. The verse is a #1 example of what could give you a musical orgasm, or, the entire song would actually be that example! It’s a blast listening to, and it’s nothing short of a Rock ‘N’ Roll masterpiece!

“I Want You” is a duet between Richie and Marco. Kotzen has a very wonderful voice, a little more tuned down, not as sharp as Mendoza’s voice. A very nice guitar solo appears midway through the song.

The next track features Whitesnake guitarist Doug Alrich. A standout Rock ‘N’ Roll tune is what it is. It does also have a very cool riff! It’s a little shame that the guitar sounds like it’s hidden inside a box.

“You Got Me” is another Bluesy Rock ‘N’ Roll song, featuring Ted Nugent on lead guitar. The song itself is quite cool, but the guitar solo is not that spectacular.

Then, a number of songs with drum legend Tommy Aldridge behind the drum kit appear. First song out is “In My Face,” which is a very riff-based and highly interesting song! Mr. Aldridge grooves like hell! He sure sets a new standard for the drums on this record. This track is definitely one of the greatest songs on the record!

The song that lets the closing-curtain of this album fall is a tune called “Dance With Me.” It’s a beautiful ballad with acoustic guitars and nice vocal harmonies. It really tunes down the intensity and calms you down towards the end of such a great and energetic album. Mendoza has really succeeded in creating a strong and highly powerful debut as a solo artist! This album is pure Rock ‘N’ Roll, from the beginning to the very end! Marco has proved to be a worthy songwriter as well as being an amazing solo artist. For all of those that have admired his work through the years, you’ll now find the ultimate record from this talented musician, with his own songs. Live For Tomorrow is highly recommended! Check it out!

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