QUEENSRŸCHE – Mindcrime At The Moore

QUEENSRŸCHE - Mindcrime At The Moore
  • 8.5/10
    QUEENSRŸCHE - Mindcrime At The Moore - 8.5/10


Release date: July 3, 2007

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Operation: Mindcrime is considered indisputably to be one of the best concept albums in the Metal scene. Indeed, Queensrÿche told an interesting story by composing some excellent songs that were sung by Geoff Tate with his high pitched and most powerful voice. In 2006 the band made the decision to release the second part of the story that begun in 1988. This decision faced some criticism from the Metal community based on the controversial albums Hear In The Now Frontier , Q2K and Tribe. Operation: Mindcrime II turned to be a very good album that could stand beside part one without blushing for shame.

Last year, Queensrÿche made another bold decision; they would take both of the Mindcrime albums on stage. This decision took the band to a series of mostly successful shows like in their hometown at the Moore Theater. The latter and sold out show was captured in video for the excellent DVD release (read the review here) and recorded an audio proof of what happened that night.

The promo double CD that reached the Metal Express Radio headquarters is actually an advance and unmastered release that justifies some sound flaws. This is definitely the best live Queensrÿche album where the two Mindcrime parts were theatrically performed outlining the emotional side of the storyline. The band performs the songs flawlessly with minor changes, although Tate could not deliver the high notes of the first part. Apart from that, his voice is crystal clear and powerful in demanding songs like the fast paced “The Needle Lies,” the emotional “I Don’t Believe In Love” or the intense and fan favorite “Eyes Of A Stranger.”

The second CD comprises the whole Operation: Mindcrime II plus two tracks, “Walk In The Shadows” and “Jet City Woman” that were performed during the encore. One of the highlights is “The Chase” where one of the best voices in Metal, Ronnie James Dio, joins Queensrÿche on stage to perform a better version of this track than in the original recording of the studio album. After some CD spins the listener realizes that Operation: Mindcrime II gains additional points upon the stage and sounds more powerful with Tate’s exceptional theatrical performance.

Mindcrime At The Moore is the perfect way to top off the story presented in the two concept albums. It would be best though, if the record label would bundle the DVD along with the double CD in one package because you cannot have one without the other. Nevertheless, this double live album can be considered as the last and third part of the Mindcrime trilogy, so don’t miss it!


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