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Release date: June 26, 2007

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When Metro City records recently formed, it was as a boutique label for Lillian Axe. Now, Classic Rockers Foghat are also on the label with their newest release Live II.

Live albums typically translate to greatest hits packages, and Foghat: Live II stays right in line with this tradition. The release is separated into two discs, each featuring a healthy handful of tracks. Disc 1 features the hit “Fool For The City,” and disc 2 features the Foghat calling cards “Slow Ride” and “I Just Want To Make Love To You.”

The album was recorded live at the Sycuan Theatre in California. Theatres and stadium shows mean different capacity to be sure, but on this recording the crowd seems a little weak. This doesn’t mean the sound quality is poor, it just means the fans are not very enthusiastic, even for the big hits.

On “I Just Want To Make Love To You,” Charlie Huhn’s voice sounds strong and fairly true to the original. Huhn joined the band in the early 2000s, with the daunting task of matching the voice of original vocalist Dave Peverett on the band’s biggest hits.

An odd production decision is the inclusion of several new studio tracks. It makes more sense to keep all the live tracks on one side, and the new material on disc 2, as this tends to confuse the listener. The new tracks were recorded at Millbrook Sound Studios, and include “Trouble, Trouble,” “Chevrolet,” “I’m A Rock ‘n’ Roller,” “I Feel Fine,” “My Babe,” “Self-Medicated,” and “Road Fever.”

Disc 1 begins with “Night Shift.” There’s a recording over a loud speaker that says “Please welcome … Foghat.” The recording is on the quiet side, and doesn’t really seem to do the classic band justice. After all, Foghat has been recording and touring for more than 35 years. This deserves respect … and a major stage production.

The real energy begins when Foghat plays “Fool For The City.” The vocals are crisp and the music clean. The performance nearly sounds like a studio recording, save for the live comments like “Help us out!”

Foghat: Live II is an excellent companion to the first live release. This newest album features deeper cuts and the aforementioned studio tracks. In total, there’s nearly 90 minutes of Rock for your roll, good enough for any diehard Foghat fan.


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