DREAMLAND – Eye For An Eye

DREAMLAND - Eye For An Eye
  • 9/10
    DREAMLAND - Eye For An Eye - 9/10


Locomotive / Dockyard 1
Release date: June 5, 2007

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From the city of Gothenburg, Sweden, Dreamland is back with a new release, Eye for an Eye. This is the second release from these Nordic Metalheadz and the sound is tighter and more polished than their debut release, Future’s Calling. Queuing off from current Metal bands like Nocturnal Rights and Hammerfall, Dreamland is poised to lay claim to a piece of Metallore for the ages.

Kicking off the album is the title track, a mid-tempo number with a galloping triplet beat and anthem-like chorus that is sure to pull butts out of seats at their live shows. The second track, “Carousel of Pain,” is a performance piece for Jake E., demonstrating a Tony Harnell-like ostentatious ability to go beyond the confines of the average human voice. “Chosen Ones” is another mid-tempo number that has “Hit Single” written all over it, with its driving verse and fist-raising chorus, you will find yourself singing along immediately. The weightiest track on the disc is found in the album’s closing number, “Revolution In Paradise.” The song sounds like a cross between Hammerfall and In Flames, and is sure to be a staple in the band’s future.

The Hammerfall references are, of course, not mere coincidence; Joacim Cans, the lead throat of that outfit, helped co-produce both of Dreamland’s discs. Also behind the scenes is long-time Metal favorite Andy La Rocque, guitarist for King Diamond. That is a pretty impressive set of ears to have sitting behind the mixing console for a new band, which is another testament to the talent and promise that Dreamland brings to the table.

The one change to the band’s line-up is the addition of former Dragonland skin-pounder, Jesse Lindskog. With Lindskog’s killer double bass beats and solid time, he will not disappoint. At the helm, Jake E reigns with his sing-along melodies and higher-register cries. Johan Erikson and Eric Rauti share guitar duties cranking out riff after riff … sure to become classics. Mats Rendlert handles the low end with his solid bass skills, doubling the guitar lines and falling in tight with Lindskog to give the songs that extra kick.

Eye for an Eye is a well-paced album that fits well together from song to song. There is never a point where the album seems to deviate by getting too fast and Thrashy, and there aren’t any gratuitous ballads; just a steady flow of headbanging, Anthem Rock. Most of the tracks are limited to around or under the four minute mark, making any song a possible single without risk of radio-editing. This is a smartly written album full of hooks and solid playing. Erikson and Rauti haven’t shied away from the guitar solo like so many of today’s bands. There is a lot of bang for your buck with Dreamland’s Eye for an Eye. It is an album not to be missed.

Eye For An Eye Track Listing

  1. Eye For An Eye
  2. Carousel Of Pain
  3. Reverse Deny
  4. Secret Signs
  5. Chosen Ones
  6. Spread Your Wings
  7. Shadows Of The Night
  8. Heavenly Designed
  9. Children Of Tomorrow
  10. Forever And Ever
  11. Revolution In Paradise


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