DREAMLAND – Future’s Calling

DREAMLAND - Future's Calling


Release date: November 21, 2005

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Swedish newcomers Dreamland started out with the name Infinity. After playing at the Sweden Rock Festival in 2001, and also after releasing their second demo Crystal Age in 2002, they were literally discovered by Hammerfall vocalist Joacim Cans. Cans got the famous producer Andy LaRocque (King Diamond) on board, and they have by no doubt done a fantastic job producing Dreamland’s first album.

The album has thirteen songs, which includes a short intro, a short outro, and the song “Blank Mind” that lasts about one minute. The remaining 10 songs average between 3 – 5 minutes. Despite good production, Dreamland’s Future Calling has nothing really new to offer. People that enjoy music by Europe, Helloween, and, of course, Hammerfall, might like this record, but unfortunately it lacks hit potential. A video has already been made for the ballad “Fade Away,” a song being described at “stone melting” on the record label’s Web site, but it’s really nothing more than a comfortable tune.

Because of the good production, it is easy to hear that there are good musicians involved in this band. Both Johan Eriksson and Eric Rauti on guitars sound like decent players, and they have a few solos on this album. Mats Rendlert on bass also proves his place, especially with his gruff bass handling on “Hearts Like Lions,” one of the more catchy tunes on offer.

Drummer Marcus Skoeld isn’t all that lucky. His drumming seems both excessive on a lot of the songs and even out of rhythm, especially on the title track “Future’s Calling.” Then again, the whole song is a bit out of sync.

Singer Joakim Lundberg, also called “Jake E,” starts out sounding somewhat “juvenile,” and almost has that Johnny Rotten Punk sound in his voice. To no surprise, the singer is only 23 years old! Luckily, his voice picks up a lot throughout the record. “Breaking the Chains,” which is one of the albums best tracks, is a tune that’s made for Jake E’s voice. He does manage to stay away from the highest tones, which unfortunately makes him a bit annoying on the album.

Then, the absolute worst thing on the album … the backing vocals! Sad to say that the Hannerfall Chief himself has done a lot of the backing, and it is total overkill! Too much, too loud, and too inappropriate.

Hopefully Dreamland kicks ass playing live, so check out their Web site for live dates, or sit back and chill with some old Helloween or Hammerfall records instead.

Dreamland lineup

“Jake E” Joacim Lundberg – vocals
Eric Rauti – guitars
Johan Eriksson – guitars
Mats Rendlert – bass
Marcus Sköld – drums


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