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Release date: June 4, 2007

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Tokio Hotel have now released their second record Scream in 2007. Through the past six years, Tokio Hotel have gotten enormous attention in their home country, Germany. On the debut tour they even played at stadiums, facing a crowd between six and twenty thousand people every night. They’ve received a lot of awards for their music and topped the charts in Germany. Another thing which is really remarkable is that the members are under 20 years old.

This is the first album to appear with English lyrics, and contains English versions of songs from their two previous albums Schrei and Zimmer 483. This album features outstanding Pop/Rock music, not unlike bands such as Coldplay, U2, and Kean.

The opening song “Scream” starts out with some cool riffs and then turnes very melodic in the following verse. Bill’s voice is quite good; very mysterious during the verse and then he becomes energetic and intense during the refrain. The rest of the band sounds good as well and this track would have to be the hit from this record.

“Monsoon” is a mysterious and a laid back song that makes you relax and just drift away. The music could remind you a little of the music from the Irish rockers U2. The vocalist does a fine job here. Quite a simple song, but that’s not a bad thing. This song is another great example of the writing skills of the band.

“Don’t Jump” is another mood song, featuring an orchestra. It’s a very beautiful song and definitely a worthy hit song. This ballad is one of the most outstanding moments this record features! This is another track that really reminds you of music from U2 or Coldplay.

The song “Break Away” is another very riff-based tune. There’s very cool unison riffing between the guitar and bass with a rough sound in the bass guitar. The verse has a slight change between soft and heavy music, which makes it pretty interesting.

The album contains very moody music as well as heavier stuff, and Tokio Hotel provides a great mixture. The production is really good, showing off the music in a very polished, but also rough form. A team of four men have produced this record; Patrick Benzer, Dave Roth, Peter Hoffmann, and David Jost. Tokio Hotel is a band that have achieved a lot of success during the past years, but with this record they will gain even more fans outside Germany, now that they wrote English lyrics to their music. They do deserve the attention they have received through their six-year career.


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