BLACK MAJESTY – Tomorrowland

BLACK MAJESTY - Tomorrowland
  • 8/10
    BLACK MAJESTY - Tomorrowland - 8/10


Limb Music
Release date: June 1, 2007

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Black Majesty’s new record, Tomorrowland, is out on the Metal market, and it’s a very strong release. The album features all you’d think of when you hear the words Power Metal; heavy and intense guitar riffs, a LOT of double bass drums, high-pitched screaming vocals, and a very melodic overall sound, which often comes from keyboards or orchestras.

Opening track, “Forever Damned,” is one of those classic Power Metal tunes. The song has a VERY standard Power Metal chord progression, especially in the refrain, but it feels good listening to it, and that is the important thing. The guitar solos kick some serious ass! This is a tune that can remind you of the German Power Metal band Helloween.

“Into The Black” is not as intense and energetic as the opener, but a nice piece of music, indeed. It’s fast sometimes, very melodic and heavy. The verse is relaxing with laidback vocals and soft guitars, but then turns another direction and goes heavier towards the refrain. The vocals are quite good, high-pitched, of course, and very clean but very rough as well.

“Soldier Of Fortune” is a cover song that originally appeared on Deep Purple’s 1974 release Stormbringer. This is a really nice version, a little rougher than Deep Purple, maybe because of the sound quality. It’s also more Power Metalized.

“Faces Of War” opens up with a drum break. Then, the band enters with a very melodic/heavy riff. The chord progression beneath the riffing has been used in thousands of Power Metal songs, but it never gets old. The vocal harmonies are a little ear-stinging at times, and the contrast between the voices of the two singers is a little weird. Apart from that, this is a really good track; one of the best on the entire record.

Black Majesty is not an original Power Metal band. But, even if their songs are maybe too standard in the way of chord progressions and originality, they maintain to keep an amazing energy and structure in the music. The production of this record is quite good as well, but a rougher bass guitar would not have been bad. The sound of the record is very polished and melodic. It would not hurt the music if it was mixed a little more heavy, but all in all it’s a very fine piece of music. Tomorrowland is one of the ten greatest Power Metal releases so far this year. And, for those who are Old School Power Metal lovers, this might be the ultimate record to buy. It’s also recommended to the regular Heavy Metal fan as well, because it still remains as a very fine record.


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