BLACK MAJESTY – Silent Company

BLACK MAJESTY - Silent Company


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Release date: June 27, 2005

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There is an entire world of Metal – and Rock Music – out there that goes unnoticed, but this album from Black Majesty better not!!! This is the second album from this Australian band, and they are heading in the right direction. Silent Company is a nine track CD, which has a lot to offer the listener.

This album cruises along with such class and hook that it is impossible to not tap your feet. The explanations of why this CD totally rocks are many, but the main reason is because of the way the band keeps their attention to the melody at all times. They also get some amazing riffs and sing-along moments.

From the opening track, “Dragon Reborn,” the listener get on a kick ass ride that lasts through the whole album. This is the groove that sets the tone for the rest of the album. The band bounces between Heavy Metal and Melodic Power Metal. Their music is inspired by band like Iron Maiden and Helloween, from the 80s.

The third song is a cover version of John English’s “Six Ribbons,” and Black Majesty does a great job with it and they prove not to be afraid of some experimentation.

Singer John Cavaliere is the band’s strongest card; he’s got an incredible voice that fits this music 100%. It works on every level … he really is able to hit those high notes. The guitars are strong and rarely overstated. There is a guitar solo in almost every song, and that warms a Metal Heart big time. It’s like the band gives it their all on each and every song, and it seems like they take pride in their work. Every band member contributes a vital part to the overall final product.

The title cut, “Silence Company,” is one of the best songs on this strong album, along with highlights like “Visonary” and “Never Surrender.” Everything on this album just comes together fantastically. It was produced and mixed by Endel Rivers at Palmstudios I Australia.

Black Majesty has created plenty of head shaking Metal action on this CD. Cavaliere screams his head off, while Stevie Janevski and Hanny Mohamed give it their all on their guitars, and Pavel Konvalinka demonstrates how to handle the drumsticks. Their successful formula is a familiar old school production with powerful old school Melodic Metal tracks. Well done Black Majesty!!!!


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