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Release date: May 29, 2007

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The members of Tomorrow’s Eve have indeed turned the page. They are now at a level that few bands ever achieve in their lifetime. What a difference a year makes. Their last release, Mirror of Creation 2: Genesis II in 2006, was good, but who in their right mind expected this? The Tower sounds as if the band went back to music school, just graduated, and put out this new EP. The music on it sounds far superior to what anyone could have predicted — it is that good.

This 4-track EP is a limited edition CD album that was put together to give fans an idea of what to expect on the bands next full-length album, expected to be released after their European tour with Circle II Circle. It contains some new music as well as some re-recorded material with a 2007 spin on it. It will also hint at what direction the band is headed. The band will be using SU-2 Studios (Germany) once again where they are already booked for their latest undertaking. The Tower is dark and aggressive, something that will be carried over to their new full-length release.

The band remains intact with the same line-up from their last release. “The Tower” and “Remember” are the two new songs, along with different versions of “Success” and “Not From This World.” Guests include Jennie Kloos, once again with her beautiful voice, and Phil Hillen. The EP is a little over 22 minutes, but seems to last much longer while you listen to it from beginning to end, leaving you wanting more. You’ll just have to wait for the band’s next release, which is exactly the sole purpose for this EP tease.

“The Tower” coming in at a hair under 7 minutes showcases the band’s new found talent equally amongst themselves, but Tom Diener’s drumming is clearly the highlight. “Remember” comes in around 6 minutes, and the emphasis is on Martin LeMar’s strong voice. While “Success” is a different version, the drumming on it is just plain out of this world and all over the place. The keyboard playing by Oliver Schwiekert is quite evident. The new “Not From This World” once again highlights the incredible voice of Jennie Kloos. The duets with Martin LeMar are just beautiful. Of course, the bass playing of Chris Doerr and the guitar magic of Rainer Grund is as solid as ever, keeping everything together quietly in the background. Okay, maybe not quietly.

While The Tower is a 4-track EP, it is also a collectors item and in short supply. There are a few more copies available from what the band’s website is saying. Therefore, fans of Prog Metal and especially fans of Tomorrow’s Eve should get their act in gear unless you want to be saying “I wish I picked that CD up while I had the chance” down the road. You won’t be disappointed one bit.


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