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    SONIC SYNDICATE - Only Inhuman - 7.5/10


Nuclear Blast Records
Release date: May 18, 2007

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Almost 2 years have passed since the first Sonic Syndicate full-length album Eden Fire reached the Metal Express Radio headquarters (read the review here) and that release made quite an impression. The band consists of six Swedes with ages ranging from 20 to 25 years old, and they now return with a second album entitled Only Inhuman. This album comes under a brand new contract signed with Nuclear Blast. Actually, this contract was the first prize of a band contest, which Nuclear Blast had launched in the summer of 2005, receiving more than 1500 submissions.

Eden Fire was an album coming from the Swedish Melodic Death scene, with vivid influences from leading bands like In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, and Soilwork. In the new album, the Swedes tried to move from the dark sound and get closer to the Metalcore scene, in search of a more distinct sound. Sonic Syndicate now uses the clean versus aggressive vocals approach, leaning towards more mainstream songwriting.

The dark atmosphere found in the Eden Fire album has been replaced by up-tempo and groovy rhythms that definitely will draw the attention of the average listener. The tracks sound aggressive enough with some melodic breaks implemented by electronic sounds and effects as heard in songs like the atmospheric “Blue Eyed Fiend” or the groovy “Callous.”

Among the fast-paced songs, there is a power ballad entitled “Enclave” with nicely placed keyboard work and clean, almost Nu-Metal, vocals. The album comes with a powerful crystal clear sound production that flawlessly delivers the young enthusiasm of the Swedish band. “Aftermath” and “Double Agent 616” are fast-paced tracks with relentless drumming, and the classic a la In Flames keyboards.

The dual guitars in songs like “Denied” or “Unknown Entity” introduce some catchy shredding riffs, proving that the band has been working hard these two years. The best album track title goes to “All About Us,” comprising some really catchy vocal melodies that perfectly fit the keyboard tones.

Definitely, Sonic Syndicate improved their songwriting, and should get some credit for this, although they will probably be accused that they have moved towards the current music ”core” trends under the pressure of the new contract. Well, they have adopted some Metalcore elements, polished their sound, but keep in mind that this truly is a fresh band that is still just searching for a more personal sound. So, the diehard fan of this sound should trust the results and buy this album without asking questions.


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