FATE – Fate (Reissue)

FATE - Fate (Reissue)
  • 8.5/10
    FATE - Fate (Reissue) - 8.5/10


MTM Classix
Release date: May 18, 2007

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The 80s Rock (is it now considered “Classic Rock”?) powerhouse label, MTM Classix, has another album reissue under its belt. This time they’re throwing a digitally remastered reissue of Fate’s strong, self-titled debut, Fate, into the ring.

Fate (Mach I) was the Copenhagen-based Danish ultra-Melodic Rock band that began in 1984, when former Mercyful Fate guitarist Hank Sherman joined forces with former Maxim singer Jeff Limbo, with his chiseled ladies man looks, bass/keyboard player Pete Steiner, and drummer Bob Lance. Unfortunately, this particular foursome only put out two albums before Hank Sherman left the band’s ranks. Their debut was perhaps the best of Fate’s earliest works, so it’s with great gratitude that 80s fans should approach MTM Classix’s decision to reissue it twenty-three years after its inception.

Fate was originally released in 1984 as the Danish attempted to cash in on the Hard Rock/Hair Metal sound dominated primarily by the States at that time. Initially, Fate was compared to America’s Van Halen, in part due to the stage antics of Limbo. There was also no doubt that Hank Sherman’s presence in the band garnered, at least initially, some attention. Of course, Mercyful Fate fans were immediately displeased once they heard Fate’s more “commercial” approach.

Fate as a release and reissue still stands strong on its own merits in the Hard Rock/Hair Metal arena even today. There really isn’t a bad track on this release. First there’s the catchy, melodic hit potential of songs like “Love On The Rox” and “Fallen Angel.” Then there are the more up-tempo, hard-edged, driving riffs of “Rip It Up,” “Danger Zone,” and “Backdoor Man.” That’s not even to mention the wonderful vocal acrobatics of Jeff Limbo on “(She’s Got) The Devil Inside.” In fact, the only weak track on this reissue is the track “Won’t Stopp,” which was a bonus track on a 12-inch vinyl release. There’s no need to “fret” over guitar work, as Sherman provided a healthy and adequate amount of lead work throughout this entire release. He proved he could effectively play in a musical niche dominated by guitarists, such as Europe’s John Norum. Unfortunately, poor marketing throughout most of the world, the MTV crowd especially, was not afforded much of an opportunity to learn that Sherman actually played more memorable leads than say Norum.

It’s no doubt that the strong vocal performance of Limbo and the guitar work of Sherman combined with great songwriting really put Fate on a pedestal of high expectations. It’s too bad that the teamwork only lasted for two albums in the middle of an era that was a feeding frenzy on this type of music. Even today, Fate represents a wonderful addition to any 80s Hard Rock/Hair Metal enthusiast’s collection. You’ll find a great heap of great songwriting, melody, riffs, and memorable music that goes beyond what most debut albums in the mid-80s were capable of delivering!


Jeff Limbo – Vocals
Hank Sherman – Guitars
Bob Lance – Drums
Pete Steiner – Bass, Keyboards


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