DAVID T. CHASTAIN – Countdown To Infinity

DAVID T. CHASTAIN - Countdown To Infinity
  • 7/10
    DAVID T. CHASTAIN - Countdown To Infinity - 7/10


Leviathan Records
Release date: April 3, 2007

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A talented musician, David T. Chastain uses his decades of experience playing guitar to produce a quality, instrumental album. No virgin to the recording industry, Chastain develops new talent through his Leviathan Records label in addition to his own discography, now more than 50 titles long. As such, Countdown To Infinity features Chastain on guitar and bass, plus the work of Mike Haid on the drum kit.

Opening with the appropriately titled “Rambuntious Delicacy,” the fast-paced guitar work is a throwback to classic Rock influences. More Neoclassical than Traditional Metal, Chastain is able to bridge a gap between genres and appeal to fans of quality guitar work. “Attack of the Mechonrites” is more of the same with a faster tempo. Here, Chastain really shreds and exhibits his years of dedication to the guitar.

Perhaps the highlight of Countdown To Infinity is the near epic “Demonic Harmonic Justice Lullaby.” With a beginning close to Melodic Metal of the 1980s and bridge work rivaling Carlos Santana on a good day, music fans will appreciate the speed and agility of Chastain’s solo work and songwriting ability.

The album’s title track, “Countdown to Infinity,” clocks in at less than four minutes, earning the distinction of shortest song on the album. It features a catchy hook and solid rhythmic bass thanks to Haid’s consistent stick skills. The liner notes for Countdown To Infinity feature gems of knowledge and increase the listener’s appreciation for each track. “The Sky Is Melting” features an introduction written more than three decades ago. With this album, a great musical interlude finds a home.

The most Metal track on Countdown To Infinity is “Temptress of Illusions.” Featuring licks and grooves you might hear on an AC/DC album, “Temptress of Illusions” is likely to earn substantial airplay on Metal radio stations.

All in all, Chastain does a good job of keeping Countdown to Infinity diverse and interesting. Instead of falling into the trap of repetition like many instrumental albums, Chastain creates enough interest in his scores to keep even the biggest Metalhead satisfied.


  • Allyson B. Crawford

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