MARYSCREEK – Some Kind Of Hate

MARYSCREEK - Some Kind Of Hate
  • 8/10
    MARYSCREEK - Some Kind Of Hate - 8/10


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Release date: March 23, 2007

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After three years of demo recordings and constant touring, the Swedish band MarysCreek finally have released their debut album. The band was formed in 2004 by vocalist Mats Nilsson. They recorded several demos and earned a great reputation in the music community through amazingly good live performances. Great reactions from fans, radio, publishers, and reviewers pushed them further towards a record deal. The band convinced the audience with powerful scene appearances and toured along with Uriah Heep and From Behind.

Some Kind Of Hate is strong, hard-kicking Melodic Heavy Rock and sounds very fresh, with laidback vocals and screaming guitars. There’s a lot of potential in the music MarysCreek has made, and the band should actually be able to make their name something big in the upcoming years through touring and a lot of promoting. It’s quite an interesting album, featuring a lot of strong Melodic Rock songs. The record may be a little too long, because some songs have a tendency to sound similar to each other. But, all in all, it’s a great release.

The opening track, “A Little Bit Of Everything,” starts out really mysteriously. The band comes in with a really enjoyable guitar riff, which sounds very fresh. The vocals sound pretty good and intense, but also a bit soft. This band sounds heavy, intense, and energetic. The guitar sounds awesome and the production is nothing less than unbelievable. It’s the most outstanding song on the entire record.

“Down” is a song that starts out heavy with great guitar riffs and a lot of energy. It takes the same pattern as it starts out heavy and melodic. The song does also feature a pretty good refrain. It may actually remind you a bit of Paul Di’Anno’s (ex-Iron Maiden) song “The Beast Arises.” “Down” is really a standout track!

Another song which is pretty good is “New Religion.” The song has a cool guitar riff, a steady and heavy rhythm section, featuring drums and bass, and off course, the vocals are excellent. The band should also be praised for their GREAT drum sound! It’s just delightful listening.

This is an album that should be in every Heavy Rock lovers’ record collection. Guitar-based Melodic Rock featuring a lot of intensity and energy. The production is quite good and fits the music like a hand in a glove. The Swedish producer, Fredrik Nordstrom, who is known for his work with great bands like In Flames and Dream Evil, mixed this record. And, it must be said that this is a very strong and powerful debut album. There’s no doubt that MarysCreek will impress many with this release.


  1. A Little Bit Of Everything
  2. Down
  3. She
  4. There Is No God
  5. Things That You Do
  6. I Don’t Believe
  7. I Can Feel It
  8. New Religion
  9. Hold On
  10. State Of Mind
  11. Some Kind Of Hate
  12. Dying For The New Day


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