THRESHOLD – Dead Reckoning

THRESHOLD - Dead Reckoning
  • 9.5/10
    THRESHOLD - Dead Reckoning - 9.5/10


Nuclear Blast
Release date: March 23, 2007

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In spite of several line-up changes, Threshold has maintained an impressive level of evolution from one album to another since their 1992 debut. Supported by extensive touring, they have established themselves as UK’s prime Progressive Metal act. With this year’s Dead Reckoning, they simply confirm their position, as well as hint where they might be headed next.

The Music

Right from the start, Dead Reckoning hits you with its in-your-face approach, its enchanting melodies, its grand harmonies, its profound intensity, and its impeccable balance between the bright and the dark. They might sound more modern, and the guttural voice by Dan Swanö is quite a surprise, but what strikes you the most is how they manage to conjure up one catchy chorus after the other. The originality in arrangements and guitar riffs is equally striking. Where to they get this from?

Truthfully and respectfully speaking, they do get something from their fellow countrymen pioneers of Progressive Rock. But, the rest is certainly their own. One is tempted to call Threshold an antidote to a lot of the pompous gibberish found elsewhere in their genre. Their style of Progressive Metal is perhaps less extravagant, but it lacks nothing in zest and finesse. Plus, they are perhaps more melodic than many so called melodic bands.

It’s impossible to dub any song as the highlight on Dead Reckoning: they are all good, all nine of them.

The Band

Founding member and backing guitarist Nick Midson decided to take a break from the band prior to this album. Thus Karl Groom (lead guitars) and Richard West (keyboards) are the only ones remaining since the debut album. Drummer Johanne James has been around since the late 1990s, while bass player Steve Anderson joined just a few years back. Together with “veteran” singer Mac, they form a unified and powerful, yet dynamic, expression. In fact, it’s hard to pinpoint any flaws or weaknesses in their performance here. With Pete Morten joining them for their upcoming tour, chances are good you’ll get to see a 6-piece band blowing your head off…

The Verdict

Be warned: don’t ignore this album! And supposing you buy it, be warned, too: it’s a blast! Threshold seems to have created something truly remarkable here, something that might boost their commercial impact and certainly imply more touring. Dead Reckoning is a valuable acquisition for all fans of Progressive Metal.


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