LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM – Saturn Skyline

LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM - Saturn Skyline
  • 8/10
    LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM - Saturn Skyline - 8/10


Label: Escape Music Ltd.
Release date: February 19, 2007

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Swedish/German Melodic Rock band Last Autumn’s Dream consists of singer Mikael Erlandsson, guitarist Andy Malecek (ex-Fair Warning), bassist Marcel Jacob (Talisman), and drummer Jamie Borger (Talisman). Saturn Skyline is their fourth album in the same number of years filled with great and catchy Melodic Rock songs.

“For The Young And The Wild” is the first track on the album, and it’s a Hard Rocker that’s catchy and cool. It even has some orchestra-oriented undertones in it. Erlandsson’s vocals are cool and catchy too. He’s got more rawness in his voice than other vocalists in the same genre, like Joey Tempest (Europe) and Tommy Heart (Fair Warning). Malecek’s guitar solo is fast and melodic. This one’s a real treat.

“Pages” is a much faster song than the previous. It also utilizes more keyboards than “For The Young And The Wild.” Malecek’s solo is rough, but clever. It’s like he’s hiding … like a tiger searching for prey, and suddenly he strikes. With “Rock ‘N’ Roll Is Saving My Soul” they slow the pace down, and the chorus has a massive amount of choirs in it. It’s a cool tribute to Rock ‘N’ Roll and bound to be a success during their live gig’s.

The two power ballads on this record are spectacular. “Frozen Heart” is a beautiful ballad about lost love. Malecek’s solo on this one is enjoyable. He always adds the little extra to the songs, and that shows how important a competent guitarist with a sense for melody and harmonies is for a band within this genre. “Still On The Run” is the album closer. This is another love song that’s just delightfully done.

The production on this one is great and the sound is perfect and majestic. Nothing drowns or is lost in the mix and it’s nice to hear the beautiful guitar solos of Malecek on top of the steady rhythm section provided by Jacob and Borger. The choruses are grandiose and have massive choirs that provide the feeling the great bands of the 80s gave you. This record is a must-have for all Melodic Rock/A.O.R. fans!


  • Andy Malecek – Guitars
  • Mikael Erlandsson – Lead vocals
  • Marcel Jacob – Bass
  • Jamie Borger – Drums


  1. For The Young And The Wild
  2. After Tomorrow’s Gone
  3. Pages
  4. Rock ‘N’ Roll Is Saving My Soul
  5. I Know A Lot About Love
  6. Critical
  7. Supersonic
  8. Frozen Heart
  9. American Girl
  10. Domino
  11. Still On The Run


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