LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM – Dreamcatcher

LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM - Dreamcatcher
  • 7.5/10
    LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM - Dreamcatcher - 7.5/10


Escape Records
Release date: January 26, 2009

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The Swedish/German Melodic Rock band Last Autumn’s Dream has been around for almost a decade now. They have released a bunch of albums through their career and earlier this year they delivered yet another album. This one is entitled Dreamcatcher. Last Autumn’s Dream has always been deeply devoted to the use of love as the subject of writing. For some it may have been a little tiring, for others not. But if you think they have changed their writing to focus on something else you’re completely wrong. Just one look on the cover art will confirm that.

The album opens quite epic with an atmospheric keyboard intro. Shortly after the beginning it is followed by the guitar of ex Fair Warning guitarist Andy Malecek. Andy never ceases to amaze with his fantastic guitar playing. He is the definition of a great Melodic Rock guitarist; he has melody and a virtuoso playing style. The intro develops into an almost orchestra-alike overture with pounding drums and forward-going strings. This builds up the tension before letting it all go in the following song “One By One” which is a true Melodic Rock song with great melodies and a chorus that will easily win the crowd. It is quite obvious that the band follows the same style as before, delivering great tunes that are truly mind-sticking.

This one is followed by yet another great sing-along entitled “Hold On To My Heart”. It is a very standard AOR song but it fulfills its purpose with the great riffs and fine melodies. “Frozen Flower” joins the sing-along parade as well. It’s a little slower than the two previous tunes and a bit heavier too.

From there the album follows in the same style, however, the best songs are the four songs in the beginning of the album. The production is great, sounds pretty much as the previous two albums. The voice of singer Mikael Erlandsson is something you either like or hate. He sounds a little like Bonny Tyler actually, possessing the same kind of hoarse voice. The one that really lifts this album is Andy Malecek. His guitar playing is just outstanding. For those guitar enthusiasts out there, Andy would be the reason enough to purchase this album. If you’re into the band you won’t be disappointed, and for those that haven’t heard about the band this would be a fine album to start out with!

  1. Welcome (intro)
  2. One By One
  3. Hold On To My Heart
  4. Frozen Flower
  5. Silent Dream
  6. Alarm
  7. Never Faraway
  8. Your Kind Of Loving
  9. The Last To Know
  10. When Love Strikes Down
  11. Who Needs Love
  12. Me & You
  13. When My Love Has Left Your Heart


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