THOUGHT CHAMBER – Angular Perceptions

THOUGHT CHAMBER - Angular Perceptions
  • 9/10
    THOUGHT CHAMBER - Angular Perceptions - 9/10


Release date: February 4, 2007

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It has been a long way coming for guitarist Michael Harris to assemble his Thought Chamber. But, thanks to an internet ad, he got a hold of and teamed up with singer Tad Leonard of Enchant. And, after a lot of work, they had enough material and just the right manpower to record their first album, Angular Perceptions.

The Music

Angular Perceptions is set in a Melodic outline of the Progressive Rock/Metal landscape. You’ll find a fine balance between the technically challenging and musically rewarding, soon revealing that Thought Chamber delivers a most promising debut. The thing is, even if the instrumental escapades are technical and complicated, they are blessed with an aura of genuine musical enthusiasm, supplying more than enough momentum to keep it all moving smoothly. Thought Chamber further proves that Melodic means more than just a set of traditional chord progressions. This really rocks!

The Band

Tad Leonard is perhaps a bit tiring in the long run, but he fits better over here than in the more Pop-ish image of Enchant! Guitarist Michael Harris is a wizard of entertaining riffs, bold arrangments, and impeckable solos. Ok, it’s not all fresh and new, but it works so well, one has to give him a lot of credit for his work. Drummer Rob Stankiewicz and bassist Derek Blakely (both of Haji’s Kitchen) seem to be a perfect match for Harris and Leonard. Completing this symbiotic quintet is keyboardist Bobby Williamson (Outworld), who’s contribution is both innovative and traditional in a most satisfactory way. Hats off to them all for the way they seemingly unpretentiously spice up their collective dish with tiny phrases here and there — very neat and very refreshing!

The Verdict

It’s easy to appreciate this most promising debut. Sure, it’s probably too soft for devoted Metalheads, and perhaps a bit too homogenic at times, but it’s also so well-crafted it will have you stomping, nodding, and grinning in no time. And, speaking of time: it’s all over in less than an hour, leaving enough time for a 5 minute coffee break before putting the album on once more. Angular Perceptions by Thought Chamber, folks: recommended!


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