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Release date: October 21, 2006

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WOW! What an amazing album! The first full-length album from the Norwegian Heavy Metal band Triosphere gives Headbangers a journey through the Metal sphere. Make no mistake: This is pure quality Metal from Trondheim, Norway!

Triosphere was formed in 2004 by guitarist Marcus Silver (ex-Griffin) and vocalist/bassist Ida Haukland. They spent the following six months searching all over Norway for a drummer, and Ørjan Jørgensen was brought into the band. The first week of rehearsals ended up with the first studio demo (this demo would later lead them to their record deal with FaceFront).

The band wrote some songs and made their live debut very early, supporting Tony Martin (ex-Black Sabbath), Paul Di’Anno (ex-Iron Maiden) and TNT. After helping out the band on a couple of live performances, Tor Ole Byberg was recruited as second guitarist and became the fourth member of Triosphere. Prior to the release of Onwards, they supported W.A.S.P. on their four shows in Norway.

The Norwegian four-piece is a Heavy Metal band that plays very melodic (there is even some modulation in there) and very energetic music. The guitar work is technical and even Progressive at times. This is guitar-based Heavy Metal with Haukland’s aggressive and raw female vocals on top.

“Onwards Part I” is just a heavy intro that lasts for 26 seconds, and leads the listener into the cool and heavy song “Onwards Part II.” This song is heavy as hell, and Haukland is impressive with her incredible vocals. The riffs are strong and Silver delivers a fast, melodic guitar solo.

“Trinity” starts with an audio excerpt from the movie “Sphere” (of course!). It’s a pity that they bother with these excerpts (the album’s got a lot of them), because it’s not exactly innovative. Too many bands have used this before them. Anyway, the song is great. The refrain is almost complaining and Haukland lifts the song from the ground. Silver plays a cool melody line, and the riffs are amazing. Jørgensen shows why he was handpicked to play the drums for Triosphere. His drumming is so steady and cool that it’s almost frightening. There are also some really cool parts in the middle of the song where the bass, guitars, and bass drums are synchronous.

“The Silver Lining” shows how tight the band is. Heavy and tight riffs make a good foundation for the song, and Haukland sings like a goddess. “Sunriser” has a typical 80s riff, but it’s heavy enough to make it relevant for today’s Metal scene. Jørgensen varies between his double bass drum pedal and single pounding in a great way, and Silver’s solo fits the song perfectly.

“Onwards Part III” is probably the heaviest song on the record. It’s a good song that is in the same spirit as the rest of the album. “Onwards Part IV” is a piano track with some Orchestra sounds. It doesn’t vary much, but it’s a beautiful ending for this great album.

Haukland delivers BIG TIME on this one. How often do you hear a Heavy Metal band with an incredible female vocalist? At times she actually reminds me of Ronnie James Dio and sometimes even Frederica De Boni (ex-White Skull). She has a voice that many male vocalists could only dream of having. Not only is she a good singer, but she plays steady and pounding bass lines as well. Silver is a brilliant guitarist and shows skills as a riff master, along with good melody lines and great solos. He also manages to vary between melodic solos and scale-based solos, which makes them more interesting. Jørgensen is steady on the drums and lays a great foundation for the rest of the band, with his terrific technique and chimeric footwork.

With amazing songs like “Onwards Part II,” “Trinity,” and “The Silver Lining,” you should give them the attention they deserve. It’s worth it. Onwards is a great start for Triosphere, and hopefully the industry will hear more from them in the future!


• Ida Haukland – Vocals & Bass
• Marcus Silver – Guitars
• Ørjan Aare Jørgensen – Drums


  1. Onwards Part I (All Is Fair In Love And War?…)
  2. Onwards Part II (Decadent One)
  3. Trinity
  4. Lament
  5. Spitfire
  6. The Silver Lining
  7. Gunnin’ For Glory
  8. Sunriser
  9. Twilight
  10. Onwards Part III (A Sole Twin’s Search In Solitude)
  11. Onwards Part IV (Retrospect, Moving Forwards In Reverse)


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