ALIBI – Misdemeanours

ALIBI - Misdemeanours
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    ALIBI - Misdemeanours - 7/10


Escape Music
Release date: September 29, 2006

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Alibi is a new band headed up by lead vocalist Rick Chase and guitarist Vince O’Regan. Vince is perhaps best known as co-founder of the UK Melodic Rock group Pulse, but he was also involved with the bands Kooga and the Irish AOR band No Sweat. Vince was a staple in Bob Catley’s (Magnum vocalist) touring band and several Catley studio releases. Vocalist Rick Chase, on the other hand, was previously affiliated with bands like Mama’s Boys, Graffiti, and, more recently, Double Cross. Rick is classically trained and his vocals have been compared to Freddie Mercury and Paul Rogers. Not much more is known about the origin of this somewhat mysterious band, other than Andy Mills (bass) is also a Pulse alumni.

When it comes to music, though, history is the most irrelevant factor. What is relevant here is that this group of serious looking musicians have put together and released a decent slab of mature Melodic Rock with their debut release, Misdemeanours.

Using the word “mature” in a music review can typically lead into a death march, but in the context used here it should be interpreted as a compliment in the sense the music has a straight-ahead, no fooling around, Melodic Rock approach. Some tracks are more Rock based, while others have more melody and harmonies. “Get Ready,” for example, is a mid-tempo Rock song with Chase providing a solid vocal foundation, not sounding too sweet or sugary, but smooth and confident, along with a solid Magnum/Whitesnake type guitar riff. Their sound is quite distinct, not easily identifiable and they don’t make it an easy task to proclaim “they sound like …” The pure Rock songs like “Get Ready” are commendable, but come across as standard fare. Where the band really shines is during tracks like “Masquerade,” where there are more multi-tracked choruses, harmonies, and the guitar rhythm has a discernible melody.

For a Melodic Rock release, the guitars here do play quite a prominent role, as guitar rhythms stand out in the mix and quite a few of the guitar solos indeed have “bite,” making one to listen attentively. The track “No Reason,” for example, brings all the aforementioned elements together; strong chorus, ambient and full guitar rhythms, and a guitar solo with “teeth,” but still exudes a decorum that could position it to do well on FM radio stations. The promo sheet doesn’t credit keyboards (or perhaps Taurus Pedals or guitar synthesizers?) to anyone, but they are certainly in attendance in a supporting role.

Instant winners are “Out Of Love,” which contains melody, melody, and more melody, with an infectious hook line and, oh yeah … a short but frantic solo, and “Nothing Changes,” with its almost anthemic chorus, which should do well in a live setting. The band also does a surprisingly good, fairly heavy cover of Neil Young’s “Rockin’ In The Free World.” They also end the release in a superb Melodic fashion with “Promises” … same winning formula — guitars, melody, infectious chorus, etc.

Bottom line, these guys are poised to be a serious Mature Melodic Rock contender. Their thirteen track debut, Misdemeanours, contains its share of lackadaisical tracks, but also provides several, instant Melodic Rock hits. Listening through the release several times should give everyone the sense and feel that this band has a lot of potential and their best release is yet to come. But, Misdemeanours is a solid first effort that should be investigated by all “mature” Melodic Rock fans.


Rick Chase – Lead Vocals
Vince O’Regan – Guitars
AJ Mills – Guitars
Andy Mills – Bass
James Wright – Drums


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