TOURIST – The Relevance Of Motion

TOURIST - The Relevance Of Motion


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Release date: September 29, 2006

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What started out as a beer, a barbeque and a gathering of friends, and included singer Blaine Braun and bassist Mark Radloff on the guest list, ended up turning into more than a few drinks and the beginning of Canada’s newest sensation, the band named Tourist. This quintet certainly has the fortitude and accolades to become the next biggest International success story in Modern Rock. The accolades include being semi-finalists in the M.E.T.R.O. Search 2004 in New York (USA) and finalists in the Doniryeed Records Talent Search in Boston (USA). The track “Newradio” has maintained a top ten spot in the Rock category of, as well as placing in the top 5 on numerous music Web sites. The band won the 2004 99.3 CFOX’s Vancouver Seeds Competition, whose past winners’ list includes Nickelback and Default. Finally, their track “Everytime We Touch” was the official single to support the release of the 1970 reissue of the Converse classic shoe. Sign on a veteran producer/mixer in Mike Fraser (Metallica, Slipknot, The Cure, AC/DC) and Tourist hit the market running with their first release entitled The Relevance Of Motion.

The release starts with slick production and a rather sullen fade-in intro during “Jacob’s Ladder.” What follows is a crisp, clean, opening bass line and drum rhythm, which is then overtaken by the melodic vocals of Blaine Braun. The second track, “Stay,” has a slightly more “amped” feel to it where some comparisons in sound can start to be made to a more melodic version of bands such as Tool, one of the band’s stated influences. The aforementioned first single “Everytime We Touch” is a little more boisterous then its two predecessors and is highlighted by a very catchy Rock chorus. “Throwing Stones” is more of the same where any of the opening four tracks could do very well on FM radio stations.

Starting midway through the release, with the track “LRT,” some of the band’s U2 influences bubble to the surface. The band does very well with the bobbing bass line, rhythmic drum, and melodic, almost spoken, vocal combinations. “High Speed” is a bombastic track where more of the Tool influences are pronounced. Also, the track contains some nice falsetto vocal work, presumably by Blaine Braun. “Newradio,” the other track discussed above, is very upbeat and catchy, chockfull of more FM radio potential. Once again Braun puts forth a strong vocal performance where the chorus has a familiar Bono vibe to it.

As is indicative with this genre of music, the guitars take a backseat and take on more of a supporting role versus being a focal point. So, any substantial “lead guitar” is virtually non-existent. Fans of guitar-orientated Rock/Hard Rock just need to be aware of this fact.

Bottom line, Tourist has all the makings of being big hits in countries like the United States where similar Modern Rock bands dominate the FM band’s airwaves. Overall, represents a very solid slab of Modern Rock, which ushers in a very commendable start for the band, and is recommended for any Tool fan who can stomach a bit more melody.


Blaine Braun – Vocals
Mark Radloff – Bass
Greg Whitbeck – Guitar/Vocals
Andy Skov – Guitar
Bob Wagner – Drums


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