PILLAR – The Reckoning

PILLAR - The Reckoning


Flicker Records
Release date: October 3, 2006

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Pillar’s fourth release, The Reckoning, has just hit the streets via Flicker Records, a label that focuses (especially) on Christian Rock and bands with upbeat lyrical messages. Although deemed a Christian Hard Rock band, there are plenty of influences within Pillar’s music, all baked into a modern era Rock platform. Unfortunately, Nu-elements are part of those influences and they creep in all too often. What’s up with all the shouting background vocals? It’s a shame, since the band has a knack for good vocal melodies as well, and there are plenty. For example, the songs “Last Goodbye” and “Angel In Disguise” are good indications on how good the band can otherwise be, and, although these rely on a strong Pop sense, it’s a direction the band needs to pursue more. A few more guitar solos, with lyrical likeness to them, would serve well too.

The rhythm section is certainly a strength for this band; it’s heavy in a sense similar to Tool, as in the track “Crossfire,” a song that would work so much better had it not suffered from distorted effects on the vocals. The rhythm section also continues to impress by serving some funky verses on “When Tomorrow Comes.” The song has a good chorus with a nice bridge. “Resolution” showcases more of the band’s melody sense, with interesting bass patterns that see it interplay with the guitars to great effect. Generally, the heaviness works well for Pillar — when they manage to merge it with melody, that is — as it does in “Everything,” although that too includes shouting to deterring effect.

A problem for the band may be a lack of genuine direction and identity. Several listens do not change the fact that Pillar sounds a tad too much like numerous modern American Rock bands, despite (or perhaps because of) a reasonably wide range of influences. Their songs, with few exceptions, just are not memorable enough. Although numbers like “Sometimes” and “Awake” could perhaps break through the wide array of musically similar bands on the airwaves, and find their way to spark public interest, it’s highly doubtful it will be remembered after a few years to come.

With “Chasing Shadows At Midnight,” they prove they can write solid, catchy Rock tunes, so hopefully they can build on songs like this, ditch the Nu influences, and concentrate more on hooks and melody to commemorate the heavy approach, and vice versa, which is a timeless recipe for good music that defies trends. Maybe then, they can also break out of the mold just enough to carve more of an identity for themselves.

Pillar Lineup

Rob Beckley – vocals
Lester Estelle – drums
Noah Henson – guitar
Kalel – bass


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