PILLAR – Where Do We Go From Here (Limited Edition)

PILLAR - Where Do We Go From Here


Flicker Records
Release date: May 24, 2005

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You would think landing at number three on the Billboard Christian sales chart and turning out a number one radio single with “Bring Me Down” would be enough to quantify an album release as a success. Pillar knew their third studio album, Where Do We Go From Here, was a shining gem in a sea of mediocrity. Their only undiscovered territory is conquering the airwaves as a crossover artist.

Only one year after its release, Where Do We Go From Here (Limited Edition) has been released with two bonus tracks and a second DVD disc. What some critics listed as one of the best releases of 2004 got even better in 2005. Playing balls to the wall Rock with a serious Pop edge in the vein of Tantric and Trapt, Pillar is a fierce rocking fourpiece that pulls no punches. Noah Henson sets up a wall of a guitar sound that you would swear was a two guitar attack, with staccato riffing and a hard driving sound that makes most big name bands sound thin. Lester Estelle attacks his drums with a powerful cracking snare and some amazing high hat accents that are sure to catapult him to the forefront of Rock drumming in coming years. All can rejoice knowing what Superman has been doing in his off time: Kalel holds down bass that mimics Estelle’s bass drum, counters Henson’s dynamic riffing, or sets up a sub melody for vocalist Rob Beckley.

Opening with “Hypnotized,” a strong rocking track with a gang vocal chorus, Where Do We Go From Here is a well-paced album that keeps a strong level of energy throughout. The production is first rate, offering a thick, crisp guitar sound, with pounding drums and vocals that stand out but don’t overshadow the accompanying music. Just waiting for their chance to shine, “Bring Me Down,” “Simply,” and “Underneath It All” have radio potential. The Limited Edition release includes a cover of U2’s “Sunday Bloody Sunday.” Keeping true to the deep imagery of the original, Pillar really adds a Metal kick to this classic. Once radio latches onto this number, it will surely galvanize Pillar into the upper echelons of Hard Rock music.

The bonus DVD features the video for “Bring Me Down” as well as the making of the video. There is a short documentary showing the recording of the album and how singer Rob Beckley comes up with his ideas and keeps producing while on the road. There is also an audio set up featuring a 5.1 surround sound setting, and a picture gallery from the album’s cover photo shoot.

Not destined to be stereotyped as a Christian band only, Pillar is knocking at the doors of all Rock music listeners. These guys are four musicians well-versed in their instruments, who take Rock very seriously. The songs are well put together and will have your head banging and feet tapping throughout your listening experience. If for some reason you missed this outing in 2004, you are getting a rare chance to capitalize on it a second time; so don’t let it pass you by.


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