TNT (Live)

at Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo, Norway, December 21, 2005

TNT (Live at Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo, Norway, December 21, 2005)
Photo: Per Olav Heimstad

While some were drinking eggnog and decorating their Christmas tree, others were already playing with fireworks. And TNT truly lit it up at a full Rockefeller on Wednesday night, December 21st!

TNT are one of the few Norwegian bands that can brag about having hits that have made it all the way to the American Billboard list, and even though this was back in 1987, they still manage to make records and sell lots of them now in 2005.

TNT has been a busy band over these last years. They’ve changed out their long time bass player Morty Black for newcomer Victor Borge (ex-Autopulver), and also have released full length albums both in 2004 in My Religion, and All the Way to the Sun in 2005.

Tony Harnell on vocals, Diesel Dahl on drums, Victor Borge on bass, Dag Stokke on keyboards, and the legendary Ronni Le Tekrø on guitars literary came on stage with a bang. The sound, the production, the lighting, and the atmosphere were 110% all throughout the concert. It was clear that TNT wanted to give everyone their money’s worth along with a very merry Christmas!

Starting off with a few songs from last years My Religion, both “Invisible Noise” and “She Needs Me” hit home from the start. Then continuing with their newest songs from All the Way to the Sun were “A Fix,” “Ready To Fly,” and “Black Butterfly.” On the album, these tunes sound a bit more Pop-ish and softer than their earlier releases, but on stage they come across just as explosive as their older hits.

The Rockefeller venue had all three floors open for TNT’s concert, but even if it was crowded, it seemed like the mixed audience was in holiday spirits. Both old and young sang along and cheered as TNT played their oldest hit, “Seven Seas.” Kudos to drummer Diesel Dahl for mooning the crowd!

Everyone that has ever heard Tony Harnell’s voice has to agree that the man has something out of the ordinary. Unfortunately, his voice has been known to fade a bit live. This was not this case for TNT’s holiday bash. As Tony Harnell brought guest singer Mariann Thommasen from the Norwegian band Surferosa on stage for their encore number of “10,000 Lovers (in One),” he totally out sang her. A fun gesture to bring her on stage, especially for their younger fans, but her voice was totally superfluous next to Tony Harnell.

After over 90 minutes of pure energy, TNT cooled the audience down with “Everyone’s A Star” and left the fans sailing out into the cold winter night after a really enjoyable evening with these 80s heroes!


Invisble Noise
Listen To Your Heart
Downhill Racer
A Fix
She Needs Me
Give Me A Sign
Caught Between The Tigers
(Guitar Solo)
As Far As The Eye Can See
Ready To Fly

Black Butterfly
Seven Seas
Forever (Shine On)
My Religion
10,000 Lovers (in One)
Everyone’s A Star


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