RAPID FIRE – Brace Yourself

RAPID FIRE - Brace Yourself


Release date: December 20, 2005

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Rapid Fire is a five-piece band that hails from Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A. Even though they come from a Metal scene that is focused on NWOAHM releases, Rapid Fire play traditional Heavy Metal with strong Epic Metal foundations. The band was formed in the year 2002 with one and only goal ”…to conquer the world in the name of METAL …” As it can be clearly seen in the band photo (album cover), these guys are deeply influenced by the Manowar musical attitude and philosophy about so-called “True Metal.”

Leith Walden’s high-pitched vocals create a love or hate situation, bringing to mind Tim Baker, the singer of the 80’s band Cirith Ungol. The band follows the Iron Maiden twin guitar pattern, with melodic and catchy riffs and some very good solos.

A catchy riff and a solid, yet simple, rhythm section are the basic elements of “Rock Alarm,” which is the album opener. The screams and the sometimes crude voice of Mr. Walden quickly make the listener decide to continue or stop listening to the album. Whoever chooses to continue listening will get to “Annihilate,” which has a faster tempo, pretty good guitar work, and includes the classic “lets sing together” chorus. “Not Easy Being Sleazy” is another simple song with an almost Punk rhythm section, followed by the keyboard instrumental “Realm of Eternity,” which serves as an intro for the next song … “Only the Warrior” starts with some clean guitar arpeggios and continues on as a classic epic Manowar tune. “March of the Dark Lord” is another intro for the next track entitled “See You on the Battlefield.” Here there are audio proofs that the guys from Rapid Fire have high composing potential that is waiting to be fully deployed, hopefully in the next full-length album that is on the way, entitled The Wizard of the Elder Forest.

The last instrumental, “The Warriors Lament,” opens for the best track of the album, “Tears of the Dragon.” The Maiden–esque galloping rhythm section, the epic guitar fills, the balanced vocal performance, and the catchy chorus should work as a prototype to be followed for future releases. “It’s Metal” adds nothing special to the album since it is simple in its composition with lyrics that those who don’t like Manowar will find a little bit childish. Moving on to “Chase the Reaper,” where the high pitched vocals are overused, leaving the good guitar work to go unnoticed. The epic, with a dash of German Thrash (think of Tankard), track “Daylight Draws Near” should be the last one of the album instead of the filler “Never Gonna Stop.”

The album could get a higher overall grade if only they had left some tracks aside and worked a little bit more on the high pitched vocals that sound sometimes like they are too much to handle. On the other hand, this album comes from a weakened Metal scene where Manowar’s releasing more DVDs than full-length CDs.


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