STATUS QUO – Blue For You [Reissue]

STATUS QUO - Blue For You [Reissue]


Mercury Records
Release date: July 12, 2005

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You might think that Status Quo had mellowed down by reading the title and looking at the sleeve of 1976’s Blue For You. But, misleading as it may be, this album rocked more than On The Level.

Starting off with “Is There A Better Way,” Status Quo proved that they were indeed back on track with probably their “loudest” song yet in their career.

But the album wasn’t all about volume and intensity. It has a more hungry feel to it, which On The Level partially lacked. This album is loaded with great gems with a wide range of sounds and influences.

The Alan Lancaster-penned title track is an example of Status Quo trying something else — with success. This Bluesy and mellow piece is one of the album’s highlights, besides Rick Parfitt’s single “Rain,” which remains in the live sets even today.

You might be wondering if “Rolling Home” is an earlier version of the “In The Army Now” track, but the latter is indeed a cover version also written as “Rollin’ Home.”

“That’s A Fact” is another visit to the funky side of Status Quo; a strong song with many creative twists and turns along the way. As with Quo, the creativity was running high during these recordings.

Released in 1976, this was Status Quo’s third album to reach number one during the golden 70’s. It contained three hit singles, the aforementioned “Rain,” the highlight “Mystery Song,” and “Wild Side Of Life.” The latter is here included with two versions as a bonus, amongst a single version of “Mystery Song” and the catchy “You Lost The Love.”

Along with Quo and Hello, Blue For You is amongst the strongest outings from Status Quo’s first period of their golden era (1972-76) … and tons of hits were still knocking on the door …


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