EUROFORCE – Euroforce

EUROFORCE - Euroforce


Sonic Age Records
Release date: June 17, 2005

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Theodore Ziras (Ice Divine, Guardian Angel) has been building his reputation since 2001 when his first instrumental record, Trained To Play, was released, followed by Virtual Virtuosity two years later. Apart from his solo albums, he has also issued a series of instructional books and DVDs (check out his personal site). The next step on his career path was to release an album with vocals. The appropriate voice to fit into his musical vision belongs to Jiotis Parcharidis, who is also the singer in a German Power Metal band called Human Fortress.

Almost all the bands formed by guitar virtuosos are some kind of copycats of Malmsteen’s personal band. Fortunately, the aforementioned situation doesn’t apply in Euroforce where the guitar supports the music, and not the other way around. The four piece band from Greece plays what is called Neoclassical Power Metal. In this genre, you can find the basic mid-European sound, as in Stratovarius, combined with classic Power Metal elements, comprising catchy riffs and choruses.

The album starts with “Spirit Raven” — a fast-paced song with distinct oriental influences. The vocals are impressive, presenting Paracharidis’s singing amplitude together with the perfect sound production … a courtesy of Ziras. Next is “European Lie,” a classic Power Metal-oriented song with a catchy chorus and a sophisticated guitar solo. The keyboards open “Trumpets of Old,” a mid-tempo song presenting Parcharidis ability in performing high-pitched vocals, without losing power. The guitar work is excellent, without being boring at the expense of extended, sophisticated solos. The next song, “Crown Seeker,” follows the Power Metal pattern with a sing along chorus and catchy rhythm. “Modern Times” has one of the best chorus melody on the album, with an excellent sound mix, especially in the vocals. The spiritual strength of the Greek nation is on the spot in “Hellenic Spirit,” with a rather predictable arrangement. The gem of the album is the ballad-like song entitled “Spirits By My Side.” This song has strong epic atmosphere that brings to mind the early years of Manowar, with another perfect vocal performance. The keyboard melody in “Brighter Hellas” is something similar to Angra, especially during the Rebirth era. Somewhere between the non-stop arpeggios in this song is the best guitar solo, proving Ziras’s high performing and composing skills. The perfect live opener is the fast-rhythm song, “Weeping of a Stone,” that will warm up even the most “difficult” audiences. The instrumental called “Ubiquitous” is a small sample of Ziras’s performing capabilities and has some good melodies in it. The album closer is “Byzantine Heritage,” a classic Power Metal song with some Rhapsody-like keyboards.

S. Kabasakis behind the drum kit and bass player J. Kostis complete the line up, and gives the impression that they’ve been together for years. Just as billed, this band (hopefully not a project) will definitely give new breath to the Neoclassical Power Metal Genre!


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