NAZARETH – Loud ‘n’ Proud

NAZARETH - Loud 'n' Proud


Dreamcatcher Records
Release date: August 27, 2001

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Ouch! Hot off the press, Nazareth’s back catalogue is re-released as 30th anniversary editions. Each CD contains all the lyrics, new and original sleeve-notes and bonus tracks. Metal Express Radio will review some of the most essential Nazareth-releases, starting with Loud ‘N’ Proud. Having been familiar with the band for many years, I didn’t expect myself to fall for this band as I have gotten tired of hearing their version of “Love Hurts”, and that’s basically the sad reason for me not giving this band a real chance. Stupid, but true. However, sinking this album into my CD player and hearing opening track: “Go down fighting”, I am truly stunned by the sheer rawness and rock n’ roll attitude of Nazareth!

Next track were covered by Michael Monroe for his second solo album, but “Not faking it” clearly belongs on this album. In fact, this album only contains one slow song, and it’s as good as the Rock –songs. Loud ‘N’ Proud includes of course their hit-single cover of “This flight tonight”, originally by Joni Mitchell, but the Naz’boys make it one of their own. There’s another cover song on the album, the sinister: “The ballad of Hollis Brown” by Bob Dylan. Clearly an influential version, as you can hear traces of Blackie Lawless/ Rob Halford vocal style in this song. Of course, Axl would never have sounded like Axl, if he hadn’t listened to these Scots Rocking away in the seventies. If you’ve never heard Nazareth (or you think they are only a couple of old men playing soppy ballads), pick this up and be convinced: Nazareth rocks- really loud and awfully proud.

Highlights: Go down fighting, Not faking it, This flight tonight, The ballad of Hollis Brown.


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